EPIC Voyages Radio Embrace’s Chet Sisk’s World Development Movement and Explores the Demise of Global Catastrophe with Author William Gladstone

On Monday, December 10th at 9pm eastern, Kevin Cook of EPIC Voyages Radio takes a look at Chet Sisk’s World Assembly of Youth movement and later on deconstructs the Mayan calendar theories with author William Gladstone.

CHET W. SISK is a 11 year Life Coach as well as Leadership Development Specialist to the World Assembly Of Youth. His job is to develop new forms of leadership that incorporate connectedness, sustainability, compassion, insight, vision, personal empowerment and love. He has worked around the world with emerging leaders in South Africa, The Netherlands, Malaysia, Namibia, France, The Sudan, Hungary, Canada and Morrocco. The Quality Foods For Everyone Program comes from his years of working with people in transition and holding his workshops with emerging leaders. In Chet’s words: “The best single indicator of great leadership in the new world is measured by our ability to empower the most vulnerable in our society.

WILLIAM GLADSTONE is considered one of the foremost experts on 12.21.12, Bill Gladstone graduated from Yale and then earned his graduate degree in cultural anthropology from Harvard. He has undertaken extensive field work in South America, Europe, and Asia in his pursuit to learn the ultimate truth relating to 2012 prophecies.

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