EPIC Voyages Radio’s John Cappello Attempts to Deduce the New Age Metaphysics Formula Integral to Joy Kauf’s ‘Miracles of Joy’

Joy Kauf

Then on Monday, November 26th at 9pm EST, the renowned visionary and psychic phenom John Cappello makes his debut guest-host appearance on EPIC Voyages Radio and invites Reiki Master Teacher Joy Kauf to address her softened theoretical approach to understanding modern day miracles.

JOY KAUF is the founder of the Miracles of Joy Spiritual Center, a mecca for healings, readings and esoteric studies in the Dallas area.  Joy is a Master Teacher of Galactic Healing and purchased the registered trademark from its Creator Shelley Kaeahr, PH.D. in Feb 2008.  She brings great passion to her work as a channel of Native American, Ascended Masters, and Ancient Egyptian energies.  She has dedicated her life with helping others connect with the Divine and find their highest calling in the world.  Joy is also certified as an Advanced Theta Practitioner, as well as a Certified Reiki Master Teacher.

Tune in this Monday at 9pm eastern to participate in the discussion of metaphysics, evidence of miracles,  and on-air psychic readings from John, right here on the Inception Radio Network.

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