Future Theater Analyzes American Symbolism Within Secret Societies with Dr. Bob Hieronimus

Dr. Bob Hieronimus

First on Saturday, November 3rd at 6pm EDT, Bill and Nancy Birnes of Future Theater scans across numerous American  murals, paintings, and emblems for the deeper meaning in its symbology with educator, artist, author, and activist Dr. Bob Hieronimus.

DR. BOB HIERONIMUS, PhD received his Ph.D. for the doctoral thesis “An Historic Analysis of the Reverse of the American Great Seal and Its Relationship to the Ideology of Humanistic Psychology” from Saybrook Institute in 1981. His research has been used by the White House, the State Department, and the Department of the Interior, as well as in speeches and interviews with President Gerald Ford and Anwar el-Sadat. His 2006 book, Founding Fathers, Secret Societies was featured repeatedly on the History Channel, Discovery and National Geographic Channels.

Tune in this Saturday at 6pm eastern for an insider view on the paradigm movement with Dr. Bob, right here on the Inception Radio Network.

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