Future Theater Radio Walks Through the Dark Portal of Capital Punishment with Billy Sinclair

Billy Sinclair

First on Saturday, November 10th at 6pm EST, Bill and Nancy Birnes of Future Theater Radio aims to take the listeners through the journey of former death-row inmate Billy Sinclair’s experience in the Louisiana prison system.

BILLY SINCLAIR is the author of the John T. Floyd’s “PRISON VOICES” and ‘DEATH PENALTY’ web pages, is a former inmate who served forty years in the Louisiana prison system. Sinclair became a writer in prison. He was the recipient of a host of prestigious journalism awards, including the George Polk, Sidney Hillman, and Robert  F. Kennedy Award for Special Journalism, and the American Bar Association’s Silver Gavel awards. He has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, literary journals, and legal journals.

Tune in this Saturday at 6pm eastern for a chilling account and tale inside the walls with no voices, right here on the Inception Radio Network.

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