Paradigm Unhinged is a revolutionary radio talk show hosted by retired decorated Law Enforcement officers Ken Storch and Todd Knurr. They are current members of the UFO Oklahoma Paranormal Team and integral key investigators to the 2012 UFO and BigFoot case dubbed “Incident at Narrow’s Creek”. Ken and Todd promises to deliver ground breaking interviews that will change your perception of the world one paradigm at a time. Tune in for live shows every Wednesdays at 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific time.



KEN STORCH (Co-host) is a decorated Law Enforcement Officer; Ken has been investigating UFO cases for 35 years utilizing his unique criminal investigative techniques. His law enforcement approach to this issue is dynamic and aggressive. Ken has been featured on the History Channel UFO Files and UFO Hunters.


TODD KNURR (Co-host) is a retired police officer who spent most of his career on the street and served as a Field Training Officer in two police departments. He has P.O.S.T. certified training that includes SWAT, Counter Terrorism, International Terrorism, HSAC Anti-Terrorism Workshop, Bomb Threat Search Technique, Interview & Interrogation, Elements of Intelligence, Investigative & Surveillance Technologies, Sexual Assault Investigations and Field Training Officer Basic and Advanced. Todd has assisted Ken Storch on several UFO related investigations and has been studying the phenomena of UFOs for most of his life.

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