Vickie Gay

23 February 2016 App Feed Beyond Metaphysics Podcast

Beyond Metaphysics Makes a Cosmic Connection with Famed Psychic-Medium Lightworker Vickie Gay

Psychic-Medium Lightworker | Waking the Dead with Vickie Gay powered by Inception Radio NetworkTuesday, February 23rd, 2016 at 3 pm EST, the renowned visionary and psychic phenom John Cappello invites the gifted psychic-medium Lightworker Vickie Gay to break down the process of connecting with dead loved ones.


Vicie is a Gifted Medium, Reunites Families & Friends with Those Crossed Over. She sees what others cannot see. She has visions, feels, & hears spirits ~ Angels assisting for a better life here on earth. Talk with your crossed over loved ones, they are not dead.

Connections with guides, teachers, masters and loved ones in spirit. Answers to questions, knowledge, glimpse into the future to make wiser decisions and move forward fearless.

Psychic-Medium Accomplishments

  • Vickie has assisted the FBI with missing person cases.

  • Solved murder cases.

  • Helped families in emergency situations with her gift of remote viewing.

  • Sent telepathic messages in times of need.

  • Sent Healing energy to the sick and troubled.

  • Warned of upcoming events to prevent negative outcomes.

Answers to questions, solutions to problems, connections with past over loved ones, getting in touch, feeling the love, closure with unknown Information revealed. Experiences to create Heaven here on Earth. Vickie has a sense of balance and harmony. She has always had psychic & medium abilities and interested in metaphysics. She is steadfast and discipline in the realms of the spiritual.

Ghostly Adventures at the Gold Hill Hotel

With a feeling of mystery in the air I prepared myself for a ghostly adventure inside the Gold Hill Hotel in Virginia City, Nevada, originally opened as “The Riesen House” in the 1860’s.
Today the hotel is known for its ghost and mysterious happenings within its wall.
Walking through the door I was bombarded with the feelings of spirit entities around me. Shaking off the feelings, I walked through the main floor, up the stairs and to room #5 where I would be staying that night. – Vickie Gay

Tune in on Tuesday at 3 pm eastern and participate in the interactive chat-room for the exciting 90-minute show with the gifted psychic-medium Lightworker Vickie Gay, right here on the Inception Radio Network.