The Jerry Pippin Show Bands Up the ‘UFO Squad’; Noe Torres, Ismael Cuellar, and Gordon Gianninoto for an Assignment

Gordon Gianninoto

First on Monday, November 5th at 7pm EST, Jerry Pippin of The Jerry Pippin Show rounds up the UFO gang for an evening full of extra-terrestrial related events and investigations.

NOE TORRES has written several books  about famous UFO cases along the Texas-Mexico Border such as; Mexico’s Roswell: The Chihuahua UFO Crash (2007) and The Other Roswell: UFO Crash on the Texas-Mexico Border (2008). In 2010, he authored a new book on the Roswell Incident, Ultimate Guide to the Roswell UFO Crash. Noe is also the author of latest revealed UFO cases Aliens in the Forest: The Cisco Grove UFO Encounter.

ISMAEL CUELLAR is a law enforcement agent in Laredo, Texas, is director of the Laredo Paranormal Research Society (LPRS), a group that uses cutting-edge scientific instruments to investigate paranormal phenomena, such as UFOs, mystery orbs, spirit entities, and more.

GORDON GIANNINOTO is an Attorney, contractor and ET contactee, Gordon James Gianninoto had many childhood UFO and ET encounters. He saw his first UFO in 1964, a one mile diameter mothership launching 3 saucers over San Juan PR harbor. He had his first vision of pole shift 1973 in a long and detailed dream and had a waking vision of same thing 1988. He realized a pole shift would bring open contact with ETs.

Tune in on Monday at 7pm eastern for an exciting roundtable discussion with some true UFO experts, right here on the Inception Radio Network.

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