The Kevin Cook Show Conducts a Scientific Litmus Test on ‘Faith’ with Miracle Advocate Tim Francis

Tim Francis

Then on Tuesday, November 13th at 9pm EST, Kevin Cook of The Kevin Cook Show explores the scientific polling on the validity of religious miracles through the metaphysical plane of faith with advocate Tim Francis.

TIM FRANCIS grew up in New Carlisle, Ohio. He resides now in Ft. Worth, Texas, with his wife, PK, and their three children. In his youth, Tim was a “cultural Christian.” His parents were devout Catholics, and Tim was an altar boy, but he was “just going through the motions.” Then came college and it was party time. Marriage and a family brought some spiritual growth into his life. He questioned why he believed what he believed. His mother gave him a tape, “Signs from God – Science Tests Faith.” Tim was deeply moved by it, but set it aside, caught up in his busy life.

Tune in this Tuesday at 9pm eastern for an honest look into the scientific evidence found testimonies of miracles, right here on the Inception Radio Network.

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