The Kevin Cook Show Softens the Blows of Union Busting with Rep. Rich Roberts and Flips Through Constance Brigg’s ‘Encyclopedia of the World Unseen’

Kevin Cook of The Kevin Cook Show turns left of center to voice the concerns of the first responders and Union organizations with retired police offer, Rich Roberts.  Later in the show, Kevin looks into Contance Brigg’s‘encyclopedia of the world unseen’.

RICH ROBERTS is a retired police officer and the communications director of S.W. Florida’s International Union of Police Associations communications director Rich Roberts.

CONSTANCE VICTORIA BRIGGS is a researcher and writer on metaphysical, spiritual, and paranormal subjects. Her fascination with the world of the unseen was sparked early in life by her own mystical and out-of-body experiences and communications with the other side. She lives with her family in Southern California.

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