The Stench of Truth Engages in a Controversial Conversation about the ‘Mothman’ with Andy Colvin and Robert Denton


Then on Friday, November 9th at 9pm EST, Ted Torbich of The Stench of Truth gather Cryptid investigators Andy Colvin and Robert Denton in the studio to deliver new revelations about the mysterious shrieks in the woods that are often attributed to unclassified bi-pedal species, like Bigfoot and Mothman.

ANDY COLVIN is a West Coast artist, photographer, and writer who has been called “his generation’s Charles Fort,” due to his intensive documentation of synchronicities in relation to paranormal and conspiracy research (i.e., “synchromysticism” and “synchroconspiracy”). Following in the footsteps of Fortean author John A. Keel, Colvin has blazed a 21st Century trail of investigation into mysteries that have….

ROBERT DENTON is an cryptid investigator who takes a scientific approach to identifying the anomalous creatures that are usually identified as the legendary Bigfoot, mothman, and more. Robert’s previous interviews can be heard here

Tune in this Friday at 7pm eastern to listen to witness accounts of grizzly encounters with bipedal non-human creatures, right here on the Inception Radio Network.

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