Do You Believe in Extraterrestrial Life?

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We Are Not Alone!

You might not believe it, but the truth is, they have always been watching us all this time! In this channel, we will prove the existence of alien creatures with stories that are not well known to ordinary people.


The Mystery of Roswell Incident

The incident that occurred in Mexico in 1947 shocked the world. The government tried hard to cover up this incident. In fact, the government did not hesitate to intimidate witnesses who saw the fall of the UFO to the Earth. These eyewitnesses dared to raise their voices.

Area 51 Identity

The military facility, whose real name is the Homey Airport coded KXTA – but the CIA more often call it Groom Lake – was originally a no man’s land that began to be recognized by a handful of silver-lead mining seekers in 1864.

Map in area 51

The figure of the legendary mothman had shocked the public because it had previously been seen flying in the sky area of West Virginia in 1966 and 1967. In addition, the sighting of the monster had been proven by the existence of reports of citizens, who saw it with a humanlike appearance and glowing red eyes.

There are still many questions that make many people curious about the phenomenon of the existence of celestial bodies whose identity is unknown. In addition, there are also cryptid creatures that have been seen, or are aware of by witnesses. Are you one of those who trust them?

There are various kinds of phenomena in this world that make people confused. Even some of them are still a big question mark to this day. The existence of aliens that flare up all US citizens, to cryptid creatures whose origin is unclear, can make you have nightmares while sleeping!

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Yeti and his fellow creatures, have become myths and told for generations. Even with the picture of his figure that is imaged as a scary monster, is also not entirely correct. As a result, many believe in its existence without ever knowing the truth of the information. But clearly, whether or not the Yeti in the Himalayan mountains will remain a mystery.

The most plausible factor was an avalanche or hurricane, or a combination of both. But the Russian authorities are not the only party who lacks evidence to support the theory of nature. Over the past six decades, other theories have emerged – both scientific and mystical.

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Mystery of Dreaming Playing Gamble

Gamble Dream

It is still a mystery whether the dream will be a good sign or a bad one? Especially if the dream involves luck in the field of gambling. Surely many people choose to believe it if that person’s dream means “good things” for that person. Let’s discuss thoroughly about the mystery of gambling dreams which means good or bad.

The dream meaning of gambling can be a good and bad sign.

You need to be careful because the dream meaning of gambling can be related to the possibility of a sly person.

Check out the complete interpretation of the dream meaning of playing gambling that you need to watch out for.

Playing gambling is usually avoided by many people because this game is a game that is categorized as haram.

Gambling in general is a game that can be said to be quite fun but what makes it quite dangerous is that this game involves betting money.

In the real world, you may realize this game is not good for you but in the dream world, you may play this game.


This is the meaning of the dream of playing real gambling

  1. Lose the rival

Because gambling games involve a bet, there are winners and losers, then the meaning of the first dream of playing gambling is that you may experience defeat in a competition.

This competition is general, whether you are competing with your rivals in building a business, competing in exams, or so on.

  1. You will be cheated or win the jackpot


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The dream of playing gambling can also mean that you will be cheated by colleagues, or it could be by the gambling agent that you are playing with. But it can also mean good, namely that you will soon win a big jackpot. Both of these dream meanings can occur depending on how you choose the online slot gambling site that you play.

  1. The breakup of a relationship

Still related to a defeat, the dream of playing gambling also means that you will experience a break-in love.

In this context, you may lose an argument with your partner to maintain your relationship.

  1. Get sustenance

The dream of gambling can also mean something good, one of which is getting abundant sustenance.

But this meaning only applies if you dream of playing gambling and winning it.

Especially when you win a lot of lotteries. But don’t be too happy because you can, the sustenance comes in an unlawful way.

Therefore, you also need to be careful.

  1. You have bad habits that need to be changed

Dreams are usually a separate warning for those who experience them.

One of the meanings behind dreams of playing gambling, especially when you try to gamble secretly and get caught, means that you will face a problem due to your bad habits.

With this dream, you have to change your bad habits so that this problem can be avoided.

  1. Will be cheated by sneaky people

Another meaning of dreams of playing gambling based on Javanese Primbon is that you will be deceived by cunning people.

Usually, in a dream, you will be invited by someone to play gambling.

Unsolved Mystery: What if Kraken Was a Real Being?

Kraken Myth

  • The Kraken is the largest monster humans have ever imagined. In the Nordic folklore in northern Europe, the Kraken is told to haunt the cold seas in the waters of Norway, Iceland, to the North American continent, namely Greenland.
  • The story of the Kraken originates from the writing of fiction in 1180 by King Sverre of Norway. The story of the Kraken starts with something real, based on the sighting of a real animal, a squid.
  • Of course, these organisms [Kraken] have never existed on Planet Earth. The largest living thing ever is the blue whale, which is 30 meters long.
  • The Kraken is a fantasy creature, based on an “exaggerated” real [squid].

There is an old saying “in mari muta latent” which means “in the ocean, many things are hidden”. An expression is true. So much we don’t know about what’s hidden in the depths of the ocean.

Humans have only guessed what kind of creatures might be in Earth’s oceans for thousands of years. The Europeans in the past, for example, assumed that every land creature had a similarity in the sea; hence the sea rhino, sea cow, and so on lived below the surface of the sea.

Besides, in the past, people also imagined terrifying sea monsters of enormous size. One of the most famous is the giant squid called “Kraken”.

It could be that the Kraken is the biggest monster that humans have ever imagined. In the Nordic folklore in northern Europe, the Kraken is told to haunt the cold seas in the waters of Norway, Iceland, to the North American continent, namely Greenland.

The Kraken is said to have been passed down from generation to generation as a sea creature with tentacles capable of crushing even large ships. Also told, in the blink of an eye, the Kraken could devour the entire crew of the ship in one swallow.

The story of the Kraken originates from the writing of fiction in 1180 by King Sverre of Norway. Like many other legends that are centuries old, the Kraken story begins with something real, based on the appearance of a real animal, the squid.

The Kraken is a very large squid. Ancient sea navigators, always telling scary stories after they explored the oceans. Every encounter with sea creatures that they have never seen before, they embellish it with another story that then forms a myth, into a story passed down from generation to generation.

The ancient tale is retold by French writer Jules Verne in his 1870 book “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” and contains a large and frightening imaginary image of the Kraken. Destroying ships in the ocean and preying on sailors.

Kraken Monster Myth

In ancient Nordic tales, the Kraken is described as the size of a small island or mountain. In some 16th century books, it is described as measuring up to 2.5 km long. It is so large that when the Kraken dived and moved below sea level, it created a powerful whirlpool. Can “suck” and sink ships.

Of course, organisms of that size have never existed on Planet Earth. Even the largest living thing ever is the blue whale, which “can only” be 30 meters long.

Meanwhile, the largest squid ever found [recorded on camera] is the Architeuthis dux, discovered in 2004 in the deep ocean waters of the island of Bonin, Japan. This jumbo squid is ‘only’ 7 meters long. Some scientists believe that squid could have a size of up to 30 meters in the dinosaur era.

True, the Kraken is a fantasy creature, based on an “exaggerated” real [squid]. However, what if the Kraken was really real, living in our oceans?

Keep in mind, from the beginning of civilization to the 20th century, and the sea carried out exploration of the world. Ships are a means of transportation between countries and between continents, both for sending commodity goods, transporting soldiers to attack other nations, or for exploring to discover a new “world”.

The Vikings, who lived in the Nordic region, are known as the world’s first ocean explorers. With their unique ships, they were able to cross the ferocity of the Atlantic and “discover” North America. It was with ships that they controlled Britain, Iberia, Sicily, Iceland, North Africa, and Greenland.

Kraken Monster Myth

If the Kraken really existed, it was possible that the Vikings would never make it to a new ‘world’ that was not as cold as their hometown.

In addition, the exploration of the oceans that began in the 15th century may never have reached the “ends” of the world. Columbus might never make it to the Caribbean in Central America, and maybe the Indians will still be the rulers of the American continent.

If the Kraken is true and becomes a monster in the ocean, the archipelago may never be controlled by westerners looking for nutmeg. If oceanic cleavage and colonization had never occurred across continents, perhaps Europe would remain a less prosperous and underdeveloped continent, and world trade would be safer.

In essence, the Kraken, if it existed, could be a determinant of world history. As we know it today, the world would be completely different if the Kraken were a real living thing.

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Unsolved Mystery: Monster Loch Ness

Monster Loch Ness Unsolved Mystery

If you say the most mysterious thing in the world, then the Loch Ness monster is the answer. A beast or dinosaur from Scotland.

Monster Loch Ness Unsolved Mystery

Please search the internet for the most mysterious things. It must have come out the name of the Loch Ness monster, which is also called Nessi. There have been many sightings of the photos; many claim to have seen them, but there is no satisfactory evidence.

Loch Ness itself is the name of a lake in Scotland. Can be reached by car about 4 hours from Edinburgh (Scottish capital) to the north.

When Did the Loch Ness Monster Mystery Go Global?

Monster Loch Ness Unsolved Mystery

Summarized by our various reliable sources, Thursday (6/13/2019), the first time to spread information about the Loch Ness monster was the Inverness Courier, a local media in Scotland. Precisely in 1933, the newspaper’s headline was entitled ‘Strange Spectacle On Loch Ness What Was It?’.

The news explains that there are people who claim to see a large creature with a long neck in the lake. Unfortunately, there are no photos because the creature immediately escapes.

A year later, in 1934, it was Robert Kenneth Wilson’s turn to make a scene. He snapped a photo of what was believed to be a monster in Loch Ness!

The photo is so popular and worldwide until now. Theories have emerged, some say that the photo is just a hoax.

But others think it could be that the monster in Loch Ness is a type of plesiosaur. A reptile and lived in the early Jurassic period. Plesiosaurs did have to come to the surface to breathe.

In 565 AD, history also records a missionary from Ireland named St. Columba had seen a giant monster in Loch Ness Lake. For Scottish people, the monsters’ myth or legend in Loch Ness Lake has indeed become a hereditary story.

Until now, there have been more than 1,000 claims of people who saw the monster there. Most of them saw the shape of a long neck and water bubbles and waves that appeared suddenly.

Loch Ness Lake is indeed open to the public. People can take boats to explore the lake and fish.

The Unsolved Mystery

Monster Loch Ness Unsolved Mystery

Until now, many expeditions to uncover the mystery of the Lake Loch Ness monster were carried out. In 1954, sonar detected a foreign object at a depth of 146 meters but then disappeared. Until now, sonar scans at Loch Ness Lake were still nil.

In 2003, the BBC funded a scientific search using 600 sonar beams and satellite tracking to sweep across Loch Ness Lake. As a result, it’s okay there.

Photo evidence in the form of a long neck is not enough to prove it to be a monster. It could be a catfish or a sinking pine tree trunk.

Reuters once wrote, the researchers assessed the monsters in Loch Ness Lake is ‘Wels Catfish’. A giant catfish with a length that can reach 4 meters!

Wels Catfish is a catfish native to Europe and is also found in the Caspian, Baltic to Turki Seas, and China. His body weight can reach 400 kilograms!

Wels Catfish have been reported, attacking humans as happened in Italy, Germany, and Russia. The size of its mouth is broad, it is capable of swallowing humans.

Therefore, many researchers think that the Loch Ness monster is a Wels Catfish, aka giant catfish. Even so, the Loch Ness mystery seems to be a story in itself. Still considered an unsolved mystery.

On the other hand, the tourist attraction to come to Scotland to be precise is Loch Ness Lake. Perhaps, it could photograph sightings of ‘monsters’!

Legend of the 7 Most Popular Myth Animals in the World

Basilisk Myth

You might have watched a movie that gave rise to large animals, Kraken, unicorns or dragons.

These types of animals have never been found in the real world. However, many assume these animals do exist. Only, it appears in the legendary story about myths related to these animals.

Although many believe it, in fact, the animal is not real. They are only the fruit of human thought and imagination. People think it exists because the animal is interesting to talk about and can scare us.

Want to know what are the most popular mythical animals and the stories behind them? Check out the following explanation.

1. Kraken

Kraken Myth

Kraken is an ancient sea monster circulating in world legends, especially Greece and Norway. He looks like an octopus but is very large. People believe that this creature could sink the ship. So scary, Kraken often adapted into the film. For example, in Pirates of the Caribbean and Clash of the Titans.

Reporting from List 25, a sailor from Japan tried to find this creature in the Pacific Ocean. The result, he did manage to find a large squid, but it was not Kraken.

2. Phoenix

Phoenix is ​​a bird that often appears in ancient mythology, including Greek, Egyptian, and Indian tribes. It is described as looking like an eagle but also resembles a crane with fine hair. Another uniqueness of this mythical creature is that there is only one phoenix at a time.

People believe in it as a creature that symbolizes eternal life. Why is that? This is because the bird can come back to life after death. When he feels his life is ending soon, which is about a thousand years, the phoenix will build its own funeral. He collected aromatic wood to burn himself. After becoming ash, he will rise again.

3. Dragon

dragon myth

You certainly already know the origin of this mythical animal, right? True, the story of the dragon originated in China. Local people have believed this animal for at least 4,000 years ago.

The dragon is described as a large reptile that can fly and emit fire as its breath. Not only that, but the great animal can also shoot deadly poison from its nostrils. Although it looks wild, the Chinese people consider the dragon as a symbol of courage and heroism.

4. Unicorns

What comes to mind when you hear a unicorn? Graceful, horned, rainbow, right? For a long time, unicorns were indeed associated with alluring noble beings. Most cultures describe this mythical animal as a one-horned white horse on its forehead. The horns don’t look scary, but they are spiral and shiny, adding to the creature’s elegance.

Different from mythical animals that are usually frightening, unicorns are symbols of purity and kindness. Believers who kill the creature will be condemned and not forgiven.

5. Basilisk

Ever heard of this creature before? He has appeared in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The actual basilisk is quite different from that depicted in the film. Reporting from All That’s Interesting, he has a head like a chicken, eyes like a frog, his body covered with scales, and the back is like a snake.

This animal is believed to be very poisonous. People are afraid of the basilisk because it can kill only with the look in its eyes. He will also leave poison in the places he passed.

6. Hydra

Hydra is another scary creature that is in Greek and Roman mythology. The shape itself is scary. It has nine snakeheads with a very large body.

This creature is very difficult to kill because every time his head is cut, there will be two more heads that grow in that place. Reporting from All That’s Interesting, the hydra is a manifestation of human fear of snakes.

7. Sphinx

The Sphinx that we know is a famous statue in Egypt. It has a body like a lion and has a human head. But for the people of Ancient Egypt, the Sphinx is a powerful and magical mythological creature. He also has a high level of intellect and is known to like puzzles. That is why the Sphinx looks like a king and is given a hoarse crown.

But when adopted by Greek mythology, it was described as an evil creature. People add snake tails and wings to form the image. The Sphinx is also known as a mythical animal that likes to fool victims before eating it.

Actually, many more mythical animals come from legends and popular stories of the world—for example, centaurs, Pegasus, mermaids, sirens, and others.

Mysteries of the Yeti, Myths from Himalayas Finally Revealed

So the myth that was passed down for generations, its existence was revealed by scientists

As one of the most mysterious creatures on earth, the existence of Yeti which is believed to inhabit some snowy areas on the slopes of the Himalayas, is always hunted by those who are curious. Not infrequently, these fact-seekers often hold a special mission to find out the actual whereabouts of the Yeti. Sometimes fact-seekers also often hold sportsbook tournaments which related to online betting Agen Sbobet with top prizes, these prizes were a tribute to them who already contribute in the search of Yeti.

In accordance with the story that is believed to be hereditary until now, the figure of Yeti is depicted as a tall, hairy creature and resembles to an ape. Difficult terrain, coupled with a blizzard that covers the eyes, makes some fact-seekers find it difficult to find traces. However, the natural challenge finally vanished after the original figure of Yeti was revealed.

Myth that became a fairy tale until passed down from generation to generation

For the people of Nepal and Tibet who live around the Himalayas, the Yeti figure in the language is called Bonmanche which means “wild man” or “Kanchanjunga rachyyas” which means “Devil Kanchanjunga”, is a legend that has become local wisdom.

Although not yet clearly revealed, the story is finally developed everywhere with many versions and passed down from generation to generation. This is what triggers Westerners, interested in starting research individually or in large groups.

Starting from the appearance by an explorer while in the Himalayas

The official record of the Yeti was first written by a British explorer named B. H. Hodgson. When the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, quoted from, published a report in 1832, he said he saw a creature full of long and dark fur hair.

In the year 925, a photographer N. A. Tombazi has documented his experience of seeing the Yeti, where he saw a naked, tall creature tugging at a rhododendron at 4,500 meters. This ‘sighting’ phenomenon was eventually used as the basis for various missions to look for the presence of the Yeti.

Research missions are mobilized to find their whereabouts

As the largest empire of its time, Hitler’s Third Reich Government through his Nazis also plunged into the investigation. The page writes, they start to an expedition to Nepal, shortly before the start of the Second World War. The British Daily Mail newspaper, also did not want to lose and sent a team to explore there in 1953.

Until one day, the conclusion of an explorer named Ernst Schäfer, believes that the Yeti is just a bear. Schäfer’s theory, which later developed and was trusted by generations in the following years. Precisely in the mid 80’s.

The findings reveal a little of the existing theories about the figure of the Yeti

One of the Italian mountaineers Reinhold Messner, claimed to have killed a creature that has been suspected by many as Yeti in 1986. Quoted from, he claimed that the mysterious creature was an endangered bear species – whether it was a Himalayan brown bear or Tibetan blue bears – who can walk on their hind legs.

Until finally, Danish Professor Dr. Charlotte Lindqvist confirmed the allegations of the incident. “Our findings confirm that the biological basis of the Yeti legend can be found in local bears,” Charlotte, from the University of Buffalo, New York, was quoted as saying on

Further investigations will continue

Although Charlotte has a conclusion on his theory, his opinion is still doubtful because he and his team are proven to use the remains of an old dead bear. The page writes, this is known from DNA testing and makes the hypothesis still be corrected by other more relevant facts. Although these findings are still held today, it is possible that the original Yeti is believed to be still roaming the Himalayan slopes.

“There is a possibility that they were primate species or more sophisticated than unknown primates, which still need to be investigated for their existence in Central Asia,” Jonathan Downes, director of the Center for Fortean Zoology, told the Guardian, quoted from

Yeti and his fellow creatures, have become myths and told for generations. Even with the picture of his figure that is imaged as a scary monster, is also not entirely correct. As a result, many believe in its existence without ever knowing the truth of the information. But clearly, whether or not the Yeti in the Himalayan mountains will remain a mystery.

Mysteries & Theories of Death of Climbers in Dyatlov Pass, Russia (Part 2)

dyatlov incident

The search for the remaining four bodies took three months. When found, the body was buried in deep snow, at a location farther from the cedar tree where the first two bodies were found. Their clothes are better than other corpses. It is possible that the first two corpses died first because they gave clothes to the four colleagues.


Initial investigation revealed that nine climbers had died of hypothermia. But the results of the post mortem continued to give rise to many theories while stimulating an important question: what made the climbers get out of the tent to the point of dying?

victims last photo

Three climbers suffered serious injuries. The skull of Thibeaux-Brignolles is cracked. Dubinina and Zolotaryov suffered chest fractures. The most terrible part: Dubinina lost the tongue, eyes, some lips, some facial tissue, and a little skull. Some of the skin on his hands also blistered.


There was speculation that stated the perpetrators of the Mansi people who lived around the slopes of the Ural Mountains. This theory is refuted because the average climber died of hypothermia with no signs of being attacked. Footprints on location also only refer to climbers, nothing more.

The avalanche theory offers an explanation that the avalanche makes panic climbers then exit the tent by tearing from the inside. They are in a condition to sleep so that some are not dressed properly.

National Geographic Wild, Vice, to Keith McCloskey in his book Mountain of the Dead: The Dyatlov Pass Incident (2013) put forward a theory that became the suspicion of several parties: Soviet military involvement.

The climbers were suspected of camping in the Soviet air bomb training ground. They woke up after a bomb exploded, panicked, exited the tent in makeshift clothing, headed for the trees, and were unable to return to the tent. In fact, the aerial bombing program was indeed being carried out by the Soviet military at that location while the climb was taking place.

The bomb that went off exploded in the air, so no evidence was found on the surface of the snow/ground around the tent. The effect of the bomb was also stated to be able to make humans suffer injuries like those experienced by climbers. About the loss of Dubinina’s body parts? Proponents of this theory return to wild animals.

Additional theories regarding the Soviet military are based on radiological weapons testing programs at the same time and location. Although the evidence is not strong enough, this theory is enough to explain the discovery of radioactive elements in several parts of the body of some climbers.

These theories are still based on rational evidence, in contrast to some parties who associate the factors causing the incident with pseudo-scientific matters.

The Discovery Channel show Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives (2014), for example, states that the Yeti attack caused the incident. Yeti are giant ape-like creatures with white fur and bright red eyes that are believed to inhabit Siberia, the Himalayas, and mountain regions in East Asia.

They argue the climbers’ wounds can only be caused by creatures with physical and strength greater than normal humans. The creator of the program certainly does not provide solid evidence, but an analysis of the origin of the pseudo-scientific scoop (cherry-picking).

Further Investigation

Sixty years ago, who knows what prompted the Russian government to reopen the investigation of the case. Kurennoi, representing the investigation team, stated that the victims’ families, the media, and the public still demanded clarity of the case and asked the government not to hide the truth.

The investigation team will begin the investigation process through a 400-page volume containing original investigation material. But the investigation team will also utilize modern technology that was not created six decades ago.

Next month the investigation team will fly to the scene with a number of experts and rescue workers. The experts will conduct nine different types of examinations. One of them is a forensic examination, which, according to Kurennoi, will help solve “missing pieces.”

Mysteries & Theories of Death of Climbers in Dyatlov Pass, Russia (Part 1)

Dyatlov pass incident

Six decades ago, researchers at the Ural Polytechnic Institute climbed the northern Ural Mountains, then died mysteriously. Many people are still confused about the cause of death, to the point that the Russian police reopened the investigation process in early February 2019.

Referring to the AFP report reported by CNN World, Alexander Kurennoi, the official representative of the investigation team, said the cause was a natural phenomenon.

“Evil is out of possible causes. There is no evidence, not even an indirect one, to support the theory of the crime of crime. ”

Kurennoi said the most plausible factor was an avalanche or hurricane, or a combination of both. But the Russian authorities are not the only party who lacks evidence to support the theory of nature. Over the past six decades, other theories have emerged – both scientific and mystical.

The incident has been told in many books. One of them is Donnie Eichar’s Dead Mountain: The Untold Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident (2013).


Eichar noted the beginning was the formation of an expedition group by Igor Dyatlov, a 23-year-old young man who studied radio engineering at the Ural Polytechnic Institute. The name of the event is taken from its last name, intended as a kind of tribute.

The six climbers were also male, plus two women, each of whom knew each other because of one campus. Besides Dyatlov, there were Yuri Dehoshenko, Lyudmila Dubinina, Yuri Krivonischenko, Alexander Kolevatov, Zinaida Kolmogorov, Rustem Slobodin, Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignolles, and Semyon Zolotaryov.

victims of dyatlov pass

Ascent is not a strange case because they are Level II professional climbers and will rise to Level III when returning from the climb. Their mission is to reach Mount Otorten, which is 10 km from the site of death.

After riding in trains and trucks, on January 27, 1959, Dyatlov and his eight colleagues began exploring the prefix route from Vizhai City. A diary and camera photo archive shows the team arrived at the end of the valley on January 31 and prepared to climb.

Conditions at the site suddenly worsened. A heavy snowstorm fell—blurry vision. The team accidentally walked towards the route to the top of Kholat Syakhl.

When they came to their senses, they stopped and built a tent on a mountainside, instead of in a valley of trees 1.5 kilometers away. It is said that the reason was that Dyatlov did not want the team to lose energy because it had already gone up.

Dyatlov should notify his sports club on campus on February 12. But there was no news until the deadline passed. About a week ago, police and assisted by Soviet troops began a search operation using planes and helicopters.

The Finding

On February 26, the tent was found in a heavily damaged condition. There was a large tear, which the investigation team concluded came from within, at the top to bottom. There are climbers’ belongings in them, including warm clothes and shoes, most of which have been covered in snow.

The first two bodies, Krivonischenko and Dehoshenko, were found about two kilometers from the tent, under a cedar tree, near a small fireplace. Both are not wearing shoes and only wearing underwear – which is strange considering the temperature outside the tent reaches -30 degrees Celsius.

Investigators found three bodies of other climbers in the area between the tent and the cedar trees. They were Dyatlov, Kolmogorov, and Slobodin, who looked as if they were dying on their way to the tent.


What’s in Area 51?

Map in area 51

Curiosity moved thousands of alien enthusiasts to invade Area 51. Are we not alone in this universe?

ALREADY several decades, humanity has been intrigued by creatures from outer space who are known as aliens. Allegedly, evidence of alien aircraft stored in a secret facility of the United States Air Force (US AU) which is popularly called Area 51.

Thousands of alien enthusiasts invaded this secret “super” facility from around the world on September 20-22, 2019. The Los Angeles Times Sunday (9/22/2019) reported, approximately three thousand people were camping, trekking, partying in hopes of seeing and meeting aliens at around the facility adjacent to Hiko City in the State of Nevada.

Thousands of enthusiasts were not only from all corners of America, but also from France, Germany, Russia, Peru, Sweden, and Australia. They came to the country in response to the posting of a joke by a netizen, Matty Roberts, on Facebook on June 27, 2019. He uploaded an invitation titled, “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us”. His post was globalized to trigger a “going” response from two million people.

The US Department of Defense has threatened to fire on the spot for anyone trying to approach the facility’s fence because the facility is located in the Nevada Test and Training Range of the American Air Force, which not just anyone can approach.

But until the end of the “invasion” on Sunday, September 22, nothing happened. “We did not find aliens. But we found peace and friendship, “said Connie West, owner of a Little A’Le ‘Inn in which also holds a small festival for Area 51” invaders, “was quoted by the Los Angeles Times.

Crater Espionage Technology

It is common knowledge that Area 51 is the place where UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) is hidden. Many alien researchers consider that the US Air Force uses alien technology to build sophisticated defense equipment.

Area 51 encounters

“Area 51 is a puzzle. Very few understand what is happening there, and millions of people want to know. Too much Area 51 is considered the Shangri-La’s sophisticated espionage and fighter aircraft system. “For the public, that place is an alien underground world and hidden UFOs,” investigative journalist Annie Jacobson said in the report, AREA 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base.

As a sophisticated “espionage defense equipment” factory since the Cold War, Area 51 is very thick with the activities of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), aka the American Intelligence Agency. It took nearly six decades for the CIA to open confidential documents about Area 51 despite having to go through a very strict editorial check.

On June 25, 2013, the CIA, through The National Security Archive, opened information about the existence of the site based on FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). The secret documents show the secret facility was built since April 1955. Also mentioned in the document, espionage defense equipment programs made include the D-21 Tagboard reconnaissance aircraft, the F-117 stealth fighter aircraft “Nighthawk,” and reconnaissance aircraft Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady.

The military facility, whose real name is the Homey Airport coded KXTA – but the CIA more often call it Groom Lake – was originally a no man’s land that began to be recognized by a handful of silver-lead mining seekers in 1864. Six years later, the site was controlled by the British mining company Groome Lead Mines Limited. The mine site was then converted into an airstrip starting in 1942 under the name Indian Springs Air Force Auxiliary Field.

During World War II, Area 51 was more widely used to test various weapons, including nuclear tests. After collaboration between Lockheed and CIA aircraft manufacturers in developing reconnaissance aircraft through Project AQUATONE in 1955, the site was chosen by U-2 aircraft designer Kelly Johnson and CIA Director Richard Bissell, Jr. for the project site. Since then, the designation of Area 51 is solely for Project AQUATONE, which in collaboration with the US Air Force, then gave birth to an ultra-altitude U-2 reconnaissance aircraft with the code “Dragon Lady.”

The reason for choosing Area 51 is that the site had become a secret site for weapons testing before. Although the CIA and Lockheed run the program, the facilities are still in possession of the Air Force because its location is still within the Nevada Test and Training Range, belonging to the American Air Force.

The U-2 development at that time cost USD950 thousand per unit. The aircraft that can fly up to a height of 21 thousand meters became one of the backbones of US espionage in the Cold War. He became the US eye for the Soviet Union, Cuba, and Vietnam.

A General Electric F118-101 turbofan engine drove the single-manned aircraft. With that engine, the U-2 can accelerate with a maximum speed of 456 knots (659 km / h). He passed the flight test on his debut on August 1, 1955.

However, revealed by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics researcher Paul A. Suhler in From Rainbow to Gusto: Stealth and the Design of the Lockheed Blackbird, in the first mission floating in the air of the Soviet Union on July 5, 1956 U-2 failed to escape from enemy radar.

At that time, U-2 was piloted by Carmin Vito and flew from Smolensk to Moscow. The route was captured by Soviet A-100 “Kama” radar. Luckily, in the Soviet Moscow region, there were no qualified anti-aircraft missiles to intercept the mission. Soviet Berkut S-25 missiles at that time were not stationed in Moscow.

“The CIA then initiated the” Project RAINBOW “to reduce RCS (Radar Cross-Section) on U-2 aircraft. But the project failed to complete until the CIA chose to switch to developing another aircraft, Lockheed A-12 Oxcart, “said Suhler.

Even so, U-2 aircraft are still used by the US Air Force to this day. In fact, a number of U-2 purchased by the United Kingdom and Taiwan.

So, are there really aliens or UFOs stored in Area 51? Unfortunately, he remains a mystery. CIA documents revealed to the public did not mention the matter of aliens or UFOs.

5 Undeniable Evidence If Aliens Ever Come to Earth!

Alien Pics

Besides living side by side with subtle or invisible creatures, it turns out we also live side by side with aliens. Aliens or extraterrestrials are believed to live on other planets. Indeed their whereabouts are still confusing and questionable until now.

However, in fact, there is some concrete evidence that aliens have come to Earth. This kind of evidence will describe the existence of Alien, make you believe that they have indeed traveled on Earth!

1. The Roswell Incident


The incident that occurred in Mexico in 1947 shocked the world. However, the government tried hard to cover up this incident. In fact, the government did not hesitate to intimidate witnesses who saw the fall of the UFO to the Earth. These eyewitnesses dared to raise their voices.

In fact, the Roswell incident again warmed up in the 1980s. Major Jesse Marcel, who was a witness of the Roswell incident, also revealed the fact that what had fallen in 1947 was a flying saucer and not a weather balloon, as the government said. In fact, the bodies of the dead aliens were also autopsied by the government. Because of the rampant Roswell incident, this story was made into a television series, a novel book, until an alien museum was also built in Roswell.

2. Mysterious Pillars Off the Coast of Sicily

Tel Aviv University researchers found a giant pillar off the coast of Sicily. Although there is no official statement from scientists, Scott Waring (a UFO researcher) said that humans could not have made the pillar. Because at that time, humans did not yet have the ability to create such complex tools.

In fact, carving on a stone block that weighs 15 tons would be very difficult to do without gas or an electric engine. Researchers also believe that this mysterious pillar is 10,000 years old. Hmm, maybe not really, if this used to be an alien buffer on Earth?

3. Dropas Stones (10,000 BC)

Dropas Stone

This metal disk was discovered by archeologists and students on the China-Tebet border. In fact, this area is also believed to be the location of an alien crash. When they were exploring the Himalayas, they found a small grave that contained a strange human skeleton in it. Even more strange, no gravestone was found but instead a logan plate that resembled coin coins and had a spiral groove.

Dr Tsum Um drew the conclusion that the hieroglyphics tell a group of aliens called Dropas who came to Earth. They wanted to be friends with local residents but were killed because of their strange appearance.

4. 800-year-old cellphone

Archaeologists discovered this mysterious cellphone in Austria. The surprising age of this phone is around 800 years. However, the shape of this mobile phone resembles a Nokia 3310 phone that came out in the 90s. In addition to the exact arrangement of the keys, the place where there should be a screen is actually filled with foreign letters. Even the symbols on the keypad are believed to be an ancient Sumerian language that was used thousands of years ago. Hmmm, it seems that Alien already uses this tool as a communication tool, huh?

5. Vimanas (3000 BC)


In Sanskrit, Vimanas can mean many things, one of which is a machine that can fly. In fact, in a text that is 3000 BC, it is said that Vimanas can fly to Earth’s atmosphere. But because the inhabitants of the Earth still considered everything to be the work of the gods, they concluded that Vimanas was the vehicle of the gods. In fact, it could be that the Vimanas, which they consider to be the vehicle of the gods, are sightings of UFOs.


Stephen Hawking

"If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans."

Christopher Wren

Christopher Wren

“A time will come when men will stretch out their eyes. They should see planets like our Earth.”

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