Dr. Michael Salla

21 January 2016 App Feed NightVision Radio Podcast

Is There a Connection between the Alien Space Program and the JFK Assassination?

Alien Space Program | Shocking Link to the JFK Assassination powered by Inception Radio NetworkThursday, January 21st, 2016 at 10:30 pm EST, the resolute seeker of truth, René Barnett of NightVision Radio invited Exopolitics founder Dr. Michael E. Salla to expose the hidden connections between the Secret Alien Space Program to historical events like the JFK assassination.


Dr. Michael Salla is a pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’, the political study of the key actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life. His interest in exopolitics evolved out of his investigation of the sources of international conflict and its relationship to an extraterrestrial presence that is not acknowledged to the general public, elected officials or even senior military officials.

Dr Salla’s groundbreaking Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (2004) was the first published book on exopolitics and explained the political implications of extraterrestrial life. In Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life (2009) he revealed how the world’s most powerful nation secretly manages information concerning extraterrestrial life and technology. In Galactic Diplomacy: Getting to Yes with ET (2013) he shows how humanity can negotiate with extraterrestrial civilizations in a way that protects our vital interests. In Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination (2013), he documents the tragic efforts by President Kennedy to share more widely the truth about UFOs & extraterrestrial visitation. Finally, in his most recent book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances (2015), he analyzes whistleblower testimonies revealing the extent of classified  space programs and extraterrestrial diplomacy. – Alien Space Program –


The Exopolitics Institute was incorporated as a non-profit educational organisation in the State of Hawaii, U.S.A., on April 7, 2005; and succesfully gained 501(c) (3) status as a public charity with the Internal Revenue Service on March 6, 2007. The Institute was created to simultaneously provide support for scholars engaged in exopolitical research, whistleblowers disclosing information about covert projects allegedly involving extraterrestrials or their technology, and/or individuals claiming to have experienced extraterrestrial contact. Without institutional support many scholars, ‘whistleblowers’, and ‘contactees’ would not be able to present to the general public the invaluable information and technologies gained from their research, work, communications and/or contact with extraterrestrial races.

The Exopolitics Institute has sponsored a number of exopolitical inititiatves such as an Exopolitics Journal , a series of  five Earth Transformation conferences dealing with extraterrestrial life, and a Certification Program whereby students can enter courses of study to gain exopolitics certificates.  – exopoliticsinstitute.org

Listeners tuned in on Thursday January 21st, 2016 for an informative dialogue about historical events and the government’s secret alien space program, right here on the Inception Radio Network.