Amy Sikarskie

7 November 2016 App Feed Center of Light Radio Podcast

StarSeeded Ascensions: Messages From The Councils

Monday, November 7th, 2016 at 6 pm EDT, Keith Anthony Blanchard of Center of Light Radio invites Amy Sikarskie to explain how interstellar starseeds have been sent to deliver messages from a galactic Alien Council. 


Amy Sikarskie | StarSeeded Ascensions: Messages From The Councils

Amy Sikarskie is a Lightworker, Starseed and co-author of StarSeeded Ascensions: Messages From The Councils. She is a licensed nurse, hypnotherapist, Starseed liaison, and energy practitioner.

Amy has been in contact with her guides and a higher power since childhood. As a teenager she was introduced to angelic communication and energy healing. In 2001 she certified as a Reiki Master. As a young mother, she then went on to pursue a career in nursing working with special needs children and adults.

During her work as a nurse, Amy expanded her training in the field of energy medicine through studying with Lion Heart Institute and certifying in Earth-Based Energy Healing. A modality  based on Barbara Anne Brennan’s teachings in her best selling books Light Emerging and Hands of Light. It was during this accelerated awakening and ascension of her energy that she first received visions and memories of other lifetimes and life off of our planet earth.  

StarSeeded Ascensions Messages from The Councils

StarSeeded Ascensions Messages from The CouncilsTwo StarSeeded friends open themselves up to a higher power in a search for guidance. Each return to their higher self through hypnosis, and make connections with their Star Councils where they receive information for Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Energy Healers.

Journey with the authors as they travel in their light bodies through time and space to recall soul memories. Boarding their ships, they take on their spirit names and meet with their council of guides where they receive guidance and information. Discover The Council’s descriptions of a Starseed and the processes involved in planning their incarnations.

Learn how and why Starseeds are on Earth again and receive an introduction into the seed found in the intergalactic volunteers. This indepth read into the interpersonal workings of spiritual councils and guides shares through channeled texts, information which offers encoded frequencies and provide opportunities for activations and light body ascensions.