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19 May 2016 App Feed NightVision Radio Podcast

NightVision Radio Invites Dr. Frank Thayer to Unveil Evidence of an Egregious Cover-Up behind The Aztec UFO Incident

Aztec UFO Incident | Most Egregious UFO Cover-Up Ever! - powered by Inception Radio NetworkThursday, May 19th, 2016 at 10:30 pm EDT, the resolute seeker of truth, René Barnett of NightVision Radio follows researcher Frank Thayer, Ph.D. on a recovery mission for an alleged crashed flying saucer and its occupants in Aztec, New Mexico.

FRANK THAYER. Ph.D. is a New Mexico native with extensive journalistic experience.  Now a professor emeritus at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, he has professional experience as a writer, editor, photographer and educator.  He is one of the authors of The Aztec UFO Incident.

The Aztec UFO Incident: The Case, Evidence, and Elaborate Cover-up of One of the Most Perplexing Crashes in History

Not being part of the “UFO Community,” I began to do some research into the literature. I discovered the original Frank Scully book Behind the Flying Saucers, published by Holt & Co. in 1950. It was the original story about Aztec, and it was a best seller in its day—so much for public memory! Few people remember the impact the book had then, but reading Steinman in that context changed my mind about the possibility that there was another New Mexico saucer crash other than Roswell.

Yes, Roswell has been conclusively proved by Kevin Randle, Stanton Friedman and others, culminating in the book Witness to Roswell by Thomas Carey and Don Schmitt that conclusively proves the extraterrestrial explanation for the Roswell Incident beyond anything the debunkers can field. In the minds of most responsible researchers, however, Aztec remained a hoax. Even after reading Scully’s book, I wondered if the story about a downed saucer in New Mexico within “500 miles of here (Denver) could have referred to Roswell.

The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon, a work that was more than two years in preparation. As each chapter was written and edited, I accumulated a reference library of flying saucer books including everything that related to the Aztec Incident.

More than fact-checking, name research, and copy editing, I was privileged to also go on research trips with Ramsey and his wife Suzanne, his friend and UFO researcher Mike Price, and we ended up as part of an important documentary by Mexico’s most famous journalist Jaimé Maussan, an episode on Aztec that is part of his international “Trecer Milenio” series.

It’s In the Book

The debunkers still hold to their quasi-intellectual arguments with the tautology “It isn’t true because it cannot be true” stances, pioneered by Donald Menzel, the prototype debunker whose flying saucer explanations of swamp gas and temperature inversion are patently ridiculous in hindsight, just as are weather balloons and meteors in these cases. Of course he also was engaged in Top Secret work for the U.S. Government.

When you read The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon you will accept that a flying saucer landed on Hart Canyon mesa and was taken to Los Alamos for study. Where it might be today is anyone’s guess, but it exists as does the Roswell wreckage. I have stood on Hart Canyon mesa on a summer day in 2011, where a clear, flat area is just the right size to accommodate a 100-foot lenticular disc. I have seen where a road was cut into the side of the mesa to accommodate traffic, and a concrete pad was sunk into the silt. To read the book and then stand on the mesa is to say: Case proved. – amazon.com

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