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14 June 2017 App Feed California MUFON Radio Podcast

 Is There a Silent Army of Alien Abductees Preparing to Defend Earth Against an Alien Invasion?

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 at 11 pm EDT, the genial prolocutor and voice of California MUFON Radio, Lorien Fenton invites UFO Abductee and Army Veteran Ben Davis to explain why he believes he was taken onboard an alien spaceship nearly 40 decades ago. Ben describes details of this interstellar journey that took him several years into the Earth’s future. He believes he was chosen to warn us of a grim future that lies ahead of us and explains how we his book TI vs AI can help us understand the extraterrestrial influence in our species’ development.


Ben Davis | Building a Silent Army of Alien Abductees to Defend Earth Against an Alien Invasion

Ben Davis broke his silence live on air after 35 yrs, with a more detailed and more accurate narrative of his encounter with unworldly beings, after it was first published (original print submission) by an investigative group over a decade ago. His contention with the original publication was the deliberate omissions, allegedly, of key elements to the narrative of his encounter.  Ben has previously discussed the UFO Incident at Fort Polk, that transpired over the course of 4 days in March of 1976.

TI vs AI

Targeted Individuals vs Artificial Intelligence

TI vs AI Targeted Individuals vs Artificial Intelligence

Ben Davis is the author of now his third book titled, “TI vs AI”. After his life after discharge from the US Army in 1976, he was a Targeted Individual (TI).  Ben believes he was abducted by Aliens and taken aboard a UFO, taken to the future. He was shown the horrors of planet earth and the extermination of the human race. He believe he was brought back  to perform a ‘mission’ to save the planet and the human species.

Ben believes he was the following  choices;

1) To stay in the Army and be killed in combat or…

2)  Perform a mission for 50 years and live along with the remaining population on Earth once he had written and published a book.

Ben asserts this book is not fiction. It is reality and his orders to show the human populace what is the TRUTH… and not the lies and deceit being played out… right in front of you, me and every human on the planet. As I swore an Oath to defend America from domestic attacks, I also swore a promise to stay FREE!

I now invite every Targeted Individual on Earth to join the Earth Defense Force (EDF) to “unplug” the Artificial Intelligence (AI) from within and end the Alien Invasion that took over Earth 71 years ago!

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