Betty Andreasson Luca & Bob Luca

23 August 2017 App Feed Podcast Supernatural Girlz

The Andreasson Affair Continues with a NEW book: A Lifting of the Veil

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 at 7:30 pm EDT, join Supernatural Girlz host Patricia Baker and co-host PK for a ground-breaking show with Betty Andreasson Luca and Bob Luca. This is their FIRST interview about their personal lives and experiences with the UFO phenomena all documented in their NEW book, A Lifting of the Veil.

Their highly documented UFO abduction case, The Andreasson Affair, was a NY Times Bestseller in 1980. Now Betty and Bob have a new book available that tells their continuing story.

Government harassment, paranormal experiences with ETs, black unmarked helicopters and even the infamous Men in Black. A Lifting of the Veil tells the rest of this very personal and harrowing story bringing us up to the present day. What was it in this couples’ lives that made them the target of decades of government surveillance?

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Betty Andreasson Luca & Bob Luca | A Lifting of the Veil

Betty Andreasson Luca is a devout Christian. During her abduction, she was taken before a being of intense light and love called “the One.” This description of this being is remarkably similar to descriptions of the so-called “Being of Light” encountered in near-death experiences. Her first abduction occurred during her childhood and culminated with an abduction experience that involved her whole family. Led by a number of teams of highly-credentialed investigators, her experience is one of the most thoroughly investigated cases ever reported in the annals of hypnotherapy.

Bob Luca was told by the Elders, “You do not die…While his wife experienced the Alien beings firsthand, Bob endured the government’s harassment and extreme invasion into their private lives. FBI agents visited Bob’s place of employment to question co-workers on his whereabouts. The couple also suspected that their phones were being tappedand often they found themselves being followed by vehicles with un-issued license plates.

A Lifting of the Veil

by Betty Andreasson Luca & Bob Luca

A Lifting of the Veil by Betty Andreasson Luca & Bob Luca

The true life story of two individuals that were brought together by the UFO phenomena. This life long journey began in 1945 long before Bob & Betty met. Little did either of them know they would be introduced to each other and ultimately Married because of UFO experiences they had in 1967, again years before they met. This marriage and their UFO related experiences led to harassment by both the Military and Government agencies for years. – Get the Book!

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