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5 March 2018 App Feed Center of Light Radio Podcast

Wake the F**K Up From Death to Awakening

Monday, March 5th, 2018 at 6 pm ET, Keith Anthony Blanchard of Center of Light Radio invites Carol Banayos to help us learn how we can tear down the walls and build a new bridge to get us from where were, to where we are destined to be.


Carols Banayos | Wake the F**K Up From Death to Awakening!

Carol Banayos is #1 Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Creator, Life Coach, Blogger, Psychic, and Clairvoyant. Carol also does Psychic readings for those who looking for answers related to relationships, finance, career or wanting help in making decisions for their future and do not know whom to ask.

After her third near death experience, she finally woke the fuck up and was now awakened on a higher level, while being consciously aware of the life that she was leading. This realization lead to a change in the life and career she wanted. Carol realized that she was conditioned, conforming to the norms of society. Therefore, she quit her secure position attained by working for seven years with the Province, to pursue her purpose and passion in life.

Carol’s purpose and passion in life is to make this world a better place by helping raise human consciousness through having an inspiring and positive impact in people’s lives by helping advise and guide them to realize and reach their fullest potential, increase their awareness, and to operate from their true authentic self. – http://www.carolbanayos.com/

Wake the Fuck Up: A Journey from Death to Awakening

Wake the Fuck Up: A Journey from Death to Awakening by Carol Banayos

Deep inside a woman’s womb lies the seed of ancient wisdom that is divinely timed into awakening, granting complete self emancipation and dissolving the indoctrination we’ve been subjected to.

In WAKE THE FUCK UP, Carol Banayos, takes you through a journey of awakening and conscious awareness; it describes the moment of realization, when she knew she had to break out of the box she had placed herself in. She needed to tear down the walls and build a new bridge to get her from where she was, to where she was destined to be. As you read this book, you will see her story unfold – how she gradually learned that what she was destined for was nothing less than greatness.

What you CAN find in this book is inspiration. Perhaps her story rouses you from the deep waves of sleep that roll over you time and time again, pulling you deeper as you struggle to hold on to the world around you. If you manage to keep a stronghold over reality and refuse to let go, consider yourself as more successful than fifty percent of the world’s population. In fact, this is probably a highly underestimated statistic. – Get the Book!

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