Cassandra Vanzant

19 December 2016 App Feed E.P.I.C. Voyages Podcast

How to Decode Direct Messages from Alien Entities

Monday, December 19th, 2016 at 9 pm EST, EPIC Voyages Radio kicks into high gear as the industrious truth-seeking sleuth Carole Carle invites E.T. channeler Cassandra Vanzant to show us how she channels distant extra-terrestrial entities.


Cassandra Vanzant | How to Decode Direct Messages Alien Entities

Cassandra Vanzant is a Psychic, medium, channel and artist for the E.T.’s, author, speaker, and internet radio personality. Cassandra’s journey began twenty-five years ago after her near death event. This passage awakened her psychic and channeling abilities. Over the years Cassandra sought answers and insights from this experience into the unknown realms from her spirit guides, angels, and extraterrestrials she encountered while out-of-body.

This soul-searching undertaking produced Cassandra’s highly intuitive gifts of psychic revelations, mediumship, channeling spirit guides, angels, extraterrestrials, speaking in the galactic language, and a talent for expressive art that is alive with the frequency of the extraterrestrial subjects…

Messages from the Extraterrestrial Cards

Messages from the Extraterrestrial Cards by Cassandra Vanzant

Cassandra Vanzant, The E.T. Communicator and artist, channel, psychic, and medium, shares the extraterrestrial images and messages that were channeled for you by these galactic Beings.

Whether you enjoy the vibrantly-colored art work, or need insight to a question, the information will shift your focus with these higher-dimensional Being’s wisdom. – amazon.com