Chad & Alta

28 June 2013 App Feed Heidi Hollis - The Outlander Podcast

The Perilous Journey of Chad & Alta’s Alien Encounters

Chad & Alta Dillard on Heidi Hollis- The Outlander, powered by Inception Radio NetworkFriday, June 28th, 2013 at 9pm EDT, the spirited and jocular Heidi Hollis of the Heidi Hollis – The Oulander Show continues the conversation on Chad and Alta Dillard’s narrative of a remarkable order of events involving abductions, implants, physical evidence, and more..


Chad & Alta Dillard are alleged alien abductees whose experiences go well beyond one simple encounter. They brought their accounts of the most extraordinary magnitude to the UFOlogy field with the hope to gain some insight of their experience. The onset of these events occurred from childhood and has followed them through adulthood. These accounts include the most convincing case of missing time experienced by this couple, physical trace evidence of implants left behind, and the involvement of multiple alien species.