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A Giant Hidden History, Anunnaki Ancient Lines Connection!

Saturday, July 29th, 2017 at 11 pm EDT, Paranormal Now’s host Alan B. Smith as he welcomes author Dan Hoquist to discuss the documented – and covered up – evidence for giants and the Anunnaki of biblical and Sumerian lore. Dan has discovered in his research a connection of lines astoundingly wide in planetary scope. Dan believes that the connection between the great Great Pyramids of Giza, Stone Hedge, and other megalithic and subterranean sites goes back even further into history. Moreover, he shares his research into the Marfa, Texas lights and the ancients use of natural energy used by ancient Egyptians and other ancient world traveled cultures.

Questions asked: Why did the supposed Anunnaki come to Earth? What was the near supernatural supplement, manna, consumed by the ancient Israelites? How could ancient people have tapped into electricity using only natural materials?


Dan Hoquist | A Giant Hidden History, Anunnaki Ancient Lines Connection!

Dan Hoquist became a Seeker of Truths (with a Capital ‘T’), and sometimes, ‘finder’, at a very early age. Introduced to various World Religions, took the Path of a ‘true’ Skeptic, and ‘walked in the Moccasins’, of the People. Now seeks to share kowledge gained, by experience, and the Wisdom of more learned, in hopes that others will follow, and , by passing before, make an easier path for others to follow.

Longtime resident of San Gorgonio Pass, Calif.
Graduated Banning High School,
22 years as Journeyman SheetMetal Worker and Carpenter,
16 years working with the United States Postal Service as a Rural & City Mail Carrier, Clerk, Office & sometime Supervisor.
Discovered Nazca type Lines and Geoglyphs ON, and around the Marfa, Texas Plateau during the Summer of 2015.
After trying, in vain, to gain Public awareness through regular channels, such as Texas Archaeological Society, and even by speaking directly with the Anthropology and Archaeology Department of Texas State University, realized that nothing was going to happen, if I did not get personally involved.

Devotion to the Truth was Validated in April, 2016, by a ‘Fly-over’, and Photographic Evidence was taken, and, NOW, it is made available to ALL! – http://dondanl.com/

Alan’s Paranormal Cabin

Ancient Made New With Open Minds

Alan's Paranormal Cabin

It is not always easy to believe in something that sounds like it is from an old myth or an imaginative comic book series. Some ideas may be fun to talk about and entertain, but how long do you listen until you drift into doubt – pulled back to “reality” by the factual paradigms of which you are familiar?

I walk that line a lot. A whole lot. Because, I am open to hearing most theories, but I do look into many of the claims made by authors and independent investigators. And I implore you to do the same. Sometimes I may find that a claim is just that – a claim – with little substantive documents or data to support it. But a lack of evidence, of course, does not preclude it from being a possibility. Possibilities is what Paranormal Now is all about.

Individuals who research alternative theories should be approaching their research the same way as any other professional academic. Only they are taking a leap further away from the fitted puzzle pieces already in place. Rather than seeking puzzle pieces that fit the very edge of the puzzle, they look at the far flung separated pieces as a puzzle unto themselves. The reason for this is to avoid any pre-existing biases. Perhaps a new puzzle will take shape who edges do not fit the edges of the original puzzle. And then what does one do? It’s akin to physics needing a unified theory that brings together seemingly disparate processes like quantum mechanics and newtonian physics. On their own they may work but to see them functioning seamlessly in a singular equation has not come. And yet, we are willing to accept both theories because there is separate evidence to support each independently. I think this is how historians and archaeologists should also approach their work. The old approach, while steady and safe, may limit results and constrain imagination. Because their is nothing wrong with imagination if unbiased data is sought to disprove the theory until disproven. It’s about being honest with one’s self and one’s research. And then who knows what else we’ll discover?

This is the sort of research that can be very exciting! Far too often alternative thinking that has come under attack – you know, like evolution – becomes mainstream thinking. Sometimes long after the person proposing the theory has viciously been publicly shamed.

So…let’s keep the conversation going.

– Alan B. Smith

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