Derek Tyler & Debra Jayne East

25 August 2017 App Feed ParaVersal Universe Radio Podcast

Decoding the Matrix & Understanding the Conspiracy

Friday, August 25th, 2017 at 11 pm EDT, Paraversal Universe Radio’s au courant couple of the para-weird, Kevin and Jennifer Malek as we talk to Ufologists & Authors Derek Tyler (Alien Contact: The Difficult Truth) & Debra Jayne East (Notes From The Underground) about dis-information, conspiracies, & ufology.


Derek Tyler | Decoding the Matrix & Understanding the Conspiracy

Derek Tyler has been studying the subject of alien contact for most of his life, after having his first sighting at the age of seven. He has had at least a half-dozen sightings in total, two of which involved military aircraft. Mr. Tyler has interviewed well over three thousand abductees and contactees, and is both an alien abductee and a military abductee himself. In addition, he is befriended by both civilians and high-ranking military officials who are involved in working with aliens and related projects as part of their duties. These people have been kind enough to share information that would have been otherwise unavailable to him, which greatly enhanced his understanding of the overall situation regarding both alien beings and the American government’s interactions with them. He is the author of Alien Contact: The Difficult Truth.


Debra Jayne East | Decoding the Matrix & Understanding the Conspiracy

Debra Jayne East was born the oldest of six girls in Martinsville, Virginia. For as long as she could remember, she loved to keep journals, write poetry and short stories. She researched her family tree and suddenly she understood why. Her distant relative, Violet Florence Martin was an Irish author, born in 1862, who co-wrote a series of novels with cousin Edith Somerville under the pen name of Martin Ross in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. – http://debrajayneeast.blogspot.com/

Alien Contact: The Difficult Truth

Alien Contact:: The Difficult Truth by Derek Tyler

With Alien Contact: The Difficult Truth, the long-awaited first volume of what will eventually become a multi-book series,author/researcher/abductee Derek Tyler demonstrates that he is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Drawing on a lifetime of hardcore research and personal experience, private conversations with insiders and interviews with over three thousand abductees, Mr. Tyler has produced a manuscript which is unique, original and compelling.

Beginning with a description of the methods and techniques necessary to any successful study of alien contact, he provides an authoritative guideline which aspiring researchers will find to be invaluable as well as highly effective. After making the reader aware of the proper procedures to follow during a UFO sighting, Tyler then discusses the most extensive psychological warfare operation in history and shows how easily even the cleverest of people can be manipulated.

Tyler also includes descriptions of his own, previously-unreported, sightings. The reader is allowed to share his thoughts and emotions as he re-lives an extended sighting which involved two American warplanes. He also provides fascinating transcripts of off-the-record conversations with highly-placed sources deep within the black ops community.

A first-person account of his own abduction experiences is interwoven with a comprehensive and well-informed discussion of the alien abduction phenomenon in general, and the level of detail contained within his descriptions are without precedent in the literature. The reader is allowed inside the author’s head, to share his emotions as the events take place. They are also made to understand the fear, frustration and sense of isolation which are unavoidable when one realizes that they have become an alien abductee, that their life has been forever changed. Tyler gives the reader a highly personal and brutally honest account of coming to terms with the sudden realization that, when faced with the technological capabilities of these aliens, we find ourselves to be utterly powerless and forever vulnerable, and that the presumed safety of our own homes is nothing but an illusion.

Alien Contact: The Difficult Truth offers a powerful, incisive and often terrifying look behind the veil, into a realm which is shrouded in secrecy and yet affects each of us every day. It is a document which is not to be missed and one which will forever change the way we see both ourselves and our world. – Get the Book!

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