Donna Carol Voss

22 March 2017 App Feed Podcast The Kevin Cook Show

Hail to the Chief!

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 at 9 pm EDT, Kevin Cook of The Kevin Cook Show along with co-host Heidi Hollis reconnects with Hail to the Chief Author, Donna Carol Voss, to run down the ten most pressing questions everyone would need to ask every Oval Office candidate.


Donna Carol Voss | Hail to the Chief!: 10 Questions to Ask Every Oval Office Candidate Donna’s life experience has been eclectic; it includes just about everything but mainlining heroin and going to jail, and she missed jail by only a hair. She is a Berkeley grad, a stay-at-home mom, a former pagan, and a devout Mormon.

A study in extremes, she is a fifty-something homemaker who loves rap music, outrageously expensive shoes, and people who own their flaws and call her on hers. She is uncomfortable negotiating the price of anything but relishes intense emotional interactions, especially if they are about politics and religion. Raised in the shadow of luxury, her favorite vacation is camping. She is an eternal optimist who is endlessly fascinated by the dark side of good people. Anxious to be liked by all, she has written a memoir that is sure to provoke everyone about something.

Words are Donna’s first love, whether used with laser-like precision or nuanced artistry. A highlight of her life, reflected on fondly and often, is the time she crafted the French equivalent of “get lost”—phrased in the subjunctive with rich vulgarity—when her first boyfriend dumped her. She is now married to a former Navy Commander for whom words are more of a guideline, and this a source of more humor and less frustration as the years go by.

Since becoming Mormon at thirty-eight, Voss misses coffee desperately. She does not, however, miss alcohol or profanity, perhaps because she had “an elegant sufficiency,” her mother would have said, of the latter

Hail to the Chief!: 10 Questions to Ask Every Oval Office Candidate by Donna Carol Voss

Hail to the Chief!: 10 Questions to Ask Every Oval Office Candidate by Donna Carol VossHave you ever thought, How the heck am I going to decide on a presidential candidate? In Hail to the Chief!, Donna Carol Voss lays out the ten most important questions to ask any candidate who wants to lead our great country. She differentiates those areas a president can affect—like fiscal responsibility and small business regulation—from those that are virtually invulnerable to the powers that be—like Roe v. Wade and gay marriage. Should a 14-year-old girl to be able to get an abortion without her parents’ knowledge and consent? How much power should a president have to work outside the Constitution, say, with a phone and a pen on a Tuesday afternoon? Do we the people have a right to express our views publicly, no matter how politically incorrect they may be? Are we willing to bomb innocent civilians to preserve our Judeo-Christian culture and save American lives? Whether you’re Conservative, Liberal, Progressive, or Libertarian, Hail to the Chief! will help you clarify your thinking and get you ready for the most important election in our lifetime. – amazon.com

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