Dr. Amelia Kemp

6 June 2014 App Feed Heidi Hollis - The Outlander Podcast

The Groundbreaking Method of Sacretherapy®

Sacretherpy by Dr. Amelia KempFriday, May 23rd, 2014 at 9 pm EDT, the spirited and jocular Heidi Hollis of the Heidi Hollis – The Oulander Show takes a holistic approach to modern day illnesses with Dr. Amelia Kemp.


Dr. Amelia Kemp Ph.D, LMHC, has written a revolutionary book that does for mental health what Louise Hay’s 1984 groundbreaking book You Can Heal Your Body did for the physical. Kemp’s From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy® — Alternative Holistic Descriptions and Healing Processes for 170 Mental and Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide reexamines each condition within a spiritual context that is universal, filling in a key element that is essential for wholeness.   The book is the first to offer alternative holistic ways to describe, interpret and treat those diagnoses and prescribes specific treatments that honor the whole person-mind, body and spirit. The book tells sufferers, “You’re not sick- you’re sacred!” In the process, she changes the terminology from “disorder” to “reaction”….