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Contact of the Alien Mind

Saturday, July 15th, 2017 at 11 pm EDT, Paranormal Now’s host Alan B. Smith invites the knowledgeable Dr. Joseph Burkes to describe E.T. and higher intelligence contact. He not only shares about his own personal experience and his decades evolution on the matter, but what he believes is the importance of contact. Describing the messages of hope he also confronts the possible abuses made by some high profile self-proclaimed contactees.

Moreover, Dr. Burkes has been closely involved with others who have had a shared contact experience that, in his opinion, may lead to the eventual evolution of the human spirit where we will truly find our place amongst other highly intelligent beings in this vast and beautiful universe.


  Dr. Joseph Burkes | Contact of the Alien Mind and its Importance

Dr. joseph Burkes, M.D. is a Board Certified Internist living in Southern California. He is a partner in a medical group serving a large Health Maintenance Organization and works in the emergency room. Burkes received his M.D. degree from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston Massachusetts. He was born in New York City in 1949.
Dr. Burkes has been a lifelong activist in peace and social justice movements. During the Vietnam War he organized students in antiwar protest activities and in 1979 he co-founded the Los Angeles Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, a coalition of medical and legal professionals assisting the labor movement to make the American work place safer.

During the 1980s, as the nuclear arms race intensified, he and thousands of other medical doctors joined Physicians for Social Responsibility(PSR), an organization established to educate the public and government leaders about the medical consequences of nuclear war. Serving in PSR’s Los Angeles chapter, he co-produced a weekly radio talk show titled, “Prescription for Survival” heard on listener-supported KPFK-FM.

As head of Los Angeles PSR’s speakers training, he assisted his colleagues in becoming effective public speakers in PSR’s campaign against the arms race. He was appointed the Pacific Regional Director for the organization and served on PSR’s National Board of Directors.

During his years in the physician’s peace movement he engaged in citizens’ diplomacy and traveled to the USSR four times. There he met with Soviet doctors who were engaged in a similar educational effort under the auspices of the organization International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, which was awarded the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize.

In May of 1992 he met Dr. Steven Greer, a fellow emergency room physician. Dr. Burkes was named the Los Angeles Working Group Coordinator for the CE-5 Initiative. He is of Russian-Jewish descent and speaks both Spanish and Russian. Dr. Burkes currently is no longer part of the CSETI leadership but he continues working for universal peace.

He is a board certified internist and has done Emergency Medicine from 1987 to 1998. Prior to that Dr. Burkes has had a group internal medicine practice for 8 years. Prior to that he was in training. Currently he is dividing his time between a Workers’ Compensation Practice, i.e. Occupational Medicine, and serving as a medical consultant for hospitalized patients in the San Fernando Valley. His special medical interests include mind-body medicine and industrial toxicology.

Alan’s Paranormal Cabin

Is My Mind Ready For Contact?

Alan's Paranormal Cabin

Contact with a higher intelligence sounds wonderful! But I’m stumped with humans. Being “tuned in” with ET intelligence and drawing down UFOs sounds scary yet fun. But, I’m still working on my own baggage right now thanks.

Perhaps contact with a higher intelligence would help me with my own baggage and personal challenges. Perhaps it will instill in me an even stronger desire to do good for humanity. At least that is what is being reported by many “experiencers”. The contact and eyewitness events are often associated with positive experiences. Ones that affirm the importance of understanding that we are all one. All interconnected and that we need to think more altruistically. Because we are bound not only to other humans but to other species all together.

It sounds very Star Trek to me. Of which I am a big fan. But what we hear is often underlined with a sincere and sometimes intense message of spirituality – that we are in fact more than our bodies and that that self serves a higher universal love. Something grander than science fiction.

It all sounds so wonderful and enchanting. But I can’t help to think that as long as “contact” has been going on, why haven’t we seen a noticeable change in the spiritual growth of all peoples throughout the Earth in the past 50 years? How long does this take?

Well, if we look at world religions and the many messages of peace we can also see that aggression is often appropriated by the religion or actually an undeniable part of a particular dogma. I was raised Catholic so I know that we had to turn a blind eye to some passages in the scripture.

But if even Buddha (especially because he offered a very clear path for living peacefully) and others over the last 2,500 years whose messages could not spread fast enough and effectively enough to make us into a unified people of the planet living in peace, what does the future look like?

As theologian Ted Peters has spoken of, these aliens are like the new messengers from on high. There are certainly parallels to the eyewitness experiences of prophets and mystics. They are here to help us. To help us help ourselves. And I sincerely hope that they are and they will. But I am probably just as impatient as those that have come before me over many generations. This makes it difficult for me to accept. So, yes, I want to believe. I want to have the comfort of knowing our future is peaceful and safe. However, this requires some faith on part. And yours I suppose as well. How is that different than having faith in a religion? I believe that people sincerely had an experience. That they are communing with something from somewhere – mainly because these happenings are often shared events.

Look, perhaps I wouldn’t be open to believing that people have these profound experiences if I did not have a UFO eyewitness sighting myself. Also, the fact that I have spoken to people who have talked about there own shared sightings privately and have no other motive I do find very compelling.

So, I trust that Dr. Joseph Burkes is telling the truth. I am also comforted by the fact that he confirms that this reaching out by ET intelligences has no intent to burgeon a new religion. Only that they will help to guide us (reminds me of angels). And should we be open to communicating with them, perhaps with more and more people over time, we will really see a metamorphosis of the human condition.

Others think that any intelligences that jumps into your mind without your consent (which is reported) is inherently bad. I posted about that last week so I won’t go into it. But we must keep an open mind to all theories should we not? Either way, here we are still.

After thousands of years of the human race trying, and when I look at myself and my own character defects that I wrestle with, I just wonder…can we really do it?

– Alan B. Smith

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