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11 June 2016 App Feed E.P.I.C. Voyages Podcast

Evolution Revisited! Challenging Conventional Scientific Theory of Human Evolution

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Monday, June 6th, 2016 at 9 pm EDT, EPIC Voyages Radio’s au courant power-couple, Bruce and Dani Fenton challenges the conventional scientific theory of human evolution by evaluating an abundance of evidence that suggest an Earthly presence of giants and aliens.



Bruce Fenton is an author and investigative journalist, focused on aspects of the unexplained, with subject matter ranging from ancient historical mysteries to supernatural occurrences. He has featured as a guest on a long list of on-line radio shows and has provided an article for the print magazine ‘New Dawn’ about his research of a lost city discovered in the jungles of Ecuador. In 2014 he appeared as a guest presenter for the popular Science Channel television show ‘The Unexplained Files’, this took him on a journey into the Georgian Caucuses mountains where he located evidence of yet another long lost culture. Bruce is the author of “Ecuador’s Lost City and the Forgotten Exodus – Evolution Revisited”.

Evolution Revisited – Ecuador’s Lost City and the Forgotten Exodus Theory

In my personal view the true account of how we came to be who we are and the timeline of our becoming civilised had to take into account more than simply our past use of tools and the increasing proficiency humans showed in working with the materials found in our environment. To understand the rise of human civilisation first I would need to understand the rise of the human itself, specifically Homo sapiens sapiens the genus title given to us modern humans, the only survivors of the many human types that had walked the Earth in days gone by.

These two subjects, the rise of Homo sapiens sapiens and the mystery of a possible long lost civilisation, were tightly linked by another subject of interest for me. I had encountered a great many learned scholars who claimed that both modern humans and the now vanished precursor global civilisation, were both the result of an ancient visitation to this world by a race of extra-terrestrials or even multiple races of such alien beings. This visitation was not by any means forgotten, it was considered factual history by various ethnic peoples spread across the globe. Similar accounts of this ancient ET contact were held by Indian tribes in North America, the Maya, Original Australians and even Tibetan Lama’s up in their mountain temples.

To examine one thread without even a cursory glance at the other seemed unwise in these circumstances. Surely a significant discovery on either thread of research might prove or disprove claims being examine on the other. If there really was some kind of interceding on the part of early humans by highly advanced beings from outer space, or perhaps from another dimensions of existence, then surely there would be something in our evolutionary record that would be a red flag for this. If I could find such an evolutionary red flag, might that not help in identifying and dating the earliest civilisations constructed. We would expect to find a sudden change in humans themselves then evidence of new social behaviour suggestive of fledgling communal concerns and precursor behaviours required for civilisation building. – Bruce Fenton

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