These are 3 Reasons Why the Bermuda Triangle is Called the Gateway to Another World

It seems everyone has heard the maze about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Until now, even researchers still need extra effort and a long time to uncover the mystery that kept coming up all this time. Bermuda Triangle is a stretch between three points of the Atlantic Ocean, including the north point (Puerto Rico), the north point (Bermuda), and the west point (Miami) with a million mysteries. Many even think that this area is a gateway to another world. Whether true or not, what is clear is that this mystery could have happened because of geographical and magical elements.

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The Danger of the Gulf Stream Waves

Gulf stream waves are also known as gulf flow rings. From the name alone, it’s scary! Because it is located in the middle of the three points between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, the position can cause a very large and fast current. He said the current could swallow a plane that was passing along with its passengers. Even aircraft can be swallowed, what about ships? In addition to the gulf stream, a term commonly used by scientists is Blue Hole. Do you believe it?

The Existence of Killer Clouds, Which Stretches Broad!

Well, it turns out not only a factor from the ocean alone. Even the clouds that stretch over the sky of the Bermuda Triangle are also one of the causes among dozens of accidents that occur. This area can cause deadly clouds, or what we call Killer Clouds. Reported by many media, these giant clouds often appear above the western end of the Bermuda Triangle, and even the shape can be as large as 32 to 89 km! This cloud has a very high speed, which is 273.6 km per hour. No wonder a lot of planes and ships lost because of being hit by the waves here!

There is a Crater with a Width of Half a Mile

Did you know the Bermuda Triangle is thought to have a very deep and wide crater, about half a mile wide and 150 feet deep! His theory suggests that the holes were made of methane gas coming out of the seabed, making the ocean hotter and many vehicles passing by disappeared. As we know, the list of vehicles lost due to accidents here is not only ships but also planes. Methane gas that comes out to the surface of the sea can reduce buoyancy in the ocean, so even large ships can not float and also affect aircraft.

Of the three factors, in fact, it succeeded in swallowing 20 planes and 50 ships in 100 years. That is why many people think that this triangle is a connecting point with other worlds. Even so, many scientists also say that some accidents that occur did not escape the negligence or human error of the captain of the ship.

There are many other facts or stories about the Bermuda Triangle, ranging from planes that penetrate clouds like space-time to compasses that do not function when crossing the area. There are still many other factors that make this region extremely scary. But what makes me wonder, why is this area always used as a cross lane when and aircraft until now, huh?