23 March 2016 App Feed Podcast Truthfunders Radio

TruthFunders Radio Unveils the Scientific Formula to Boosting Concentration and Focus through the Focus@Will Project

Focus@Will | Scientifically Optimized Music to Boost Focuson Inception Radio Network

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 at 9 pm EDT, the adroit duo of TruthFunders Radio, Art Webb and Mark Schwartz invited Will Henshall of Focus@Will to unveil the science behind optimizing music to boost concentration and focus.


Will Henshall is the founder of Focus@Will. Will has achieved notable global success both as a musical/visual artist and as a technical inventor. In 1987, he founded the British pop soul band Londonbeat and had two Billboard #1 hit records, “I’ve Been Thinking About You” (91) and “Come Back” (95). He founded Rocket Network, a Paul Allen/Cisco-funded San Francisco company, in 1995 and created the professional audio media transfer system, DigiDelivery. He sold the company to Avid/Digidesign in 2003.

The Science Behind focus@will

Developed in partnership with leading neuroscientists Dr. Evian Gordon(www.brainresource.com), Dr. Stephen Sideroff (UCLA Professor of Psychology) and ADHD expert and best selling author Dr Ned Hallowell (http://www.drhallowell.com). Trials show typical 12-15% positive increase in focus bio-marker and up to 400% extended session time.

Use the right music!

Focus@Will has a unique library of instrumental music that you won’t find anywhere else. Every track has been remixed, re-edited and scientifically remastered specifically for focus enhancement. We’re soothing your fight or flight mechanism, engaging your brain’s limbic system, to increase your attention span and general concentration.

Stop the wrong music!

Music you like is created to engage you. It makes you feel good, moves you physically, emotionally and intellectually. That’s why you love to listen to it, and that’s also why it is going to distract you when you are trying to focus and concentrate on work or studying. Singing and foot tapping take you right out of the focus zone.

Listeners tuned in on Wednesday at 9 pm eastern to listen in on Will’s daring Focus@Will project that is designed to enhance the brain through music, right here on the Inception Radio Network.