The Fox Sisters

20 August 2017 App Feed Paranormal Now Podcast

The Fox Sisters: Ghostly Connections, Spiritualism and A Dead Body

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 at 11 pm EDT, Paranormal Now’s host Alan B. Smith invites Carole Carle to share with us the extremely well documented but little discussed real life story of the Fox Sisters and their ghostly experiences during the mid to late 1800s. Spiritualism was on the rise, and so was feminism: and the Fox Sisters found themselves caught up in a world that wanted to believe they could commune with the dead but, as was often the case being women, doubted their integrity. Until a body was found in the walls of their home that is.

The story and events continued over many years and Carole Carle now brings to light the whole spooky and otherworldly story. Carole discusses her research into the Hydesville Rappings as she and her husband develop and write a musical based on these true events.


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Carole Carle is the host of UFO Headline News and guest-host on EPIC Voyages Radio.

Carole Carle is the oldest daughter of Walter R. Carle and Louise Carle. Carole’s birth was actually announced in The Hollywood Reporter as her father was then a news director and television news broadcaster in that city. Her mother sang live on the radio and was also a “disc jockey” back in the day.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan where the family moved when she was a child, Carole began doing musical theatre in high school and community theatre followed. Eventually the family moved back to L.A. where Carole found professional work and joined Actors Equity Association (the stage actors union) and the Screen Actors Guild.

Fascinated with all things paranormal since age 12, Carole could constantly be found lugging home the latest books from the library on ufo’s, spirits or Charles Fortean phenomena. For the past decade Carole’s research has centered on the Fox Sisters and the roots of American Spiritualism. Currently, she and her composer husband are in the later stages of completing a musical based on the Hydesville Rappings.

Who are the Fox Sisters?

Who are the Fox Sisters?

The Fox sisters were three sisters from New York who played an important role in the creation of Spiritualism: Leah (1831–1890), Margaret (also called Maggie) (1833–1893) and Kate (also called Catherine) Fox (1837–1892). The two younger sisters used “rappings” to convince their much older sister and others that they were communicating with spirits.

Alan’s Paranormal Cabin

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Alan's Paranormal Cabin

I can be creeped out, but it’s not usual for me to be seriously spooked. No matter the subject matter. I tend to be one of those people that when they hear a bump in the night I have to face it. If I don’t, then yes, fear will bubble up pretty good – especially when I was a child. But, again, no matter the spookiest of experiences, I become more curious than fearful. Some strange sound in my home in the middle of the night means I must investigate because it’s the not knowing that is scariest to me. Though someone close to me has severely disagreed with my thinking on occasion!

What is fascinating about the Fox Sister’s story is that when reading or chatting about it, it feels like entering a film that combines the story of a haunting and the metaphysical tale of a spiritual sojourn.

In truth, I have always felt that way. That somehow exploring or even sharing stories of the most lurid and shadowy aspects of paranormal experiences can in fact be spiritual. There is no doubt that taking a moonlit walk in the woods at night can be as enchanting and filling as it can be spooky. And I love that!

It’s like telling scary stories by the fireside. Where we can actually tap into the more ethereal regions of our minds. Tickling the brain to tune into the soul. When I have lived my own story and found my hairs standing on end because of crunching steps just outside of our tent in the middle of the night, my mind is forced to consider all possibilities. This is probably an evolutionary trait to keep us out of danger, but the result, I think, is that we actually become more open minded for that moment. Our imagination comes to light to help us reason through a multitude of potential problems even if an imagined problem is unreal. So, it works like a safety net to cover all our bases just in case.

Obviously this doesn’t always work to our benefit. We could be paralyzed in place by fear while our brains come up with all kinds of freakish explanations for the strange sound, unnatural lights or whatever it is that we envision could be a threat. And there is no doubt you feel more alive in those moments. Not that that is the state you should be in at all times – it certainly won’t lead to nirvana! Yet, on occasion, these experiences hint at us that perhaps there is something much grander than the world we perceive; or could even conceive of even in the face of our many creative religious or philosophical writings.

I think this is why so many of us love to be scared. It’s not just the adrenaline rush, but the sense of touching the other metaphysical side, the spiritual plane!

So I’m wondering…what is your scary story?

– Alan B. Smith

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