Freakish Sightings Episode 1: Mothman in Chicago

11 March 2018 App Feed PANG Radio Podcast

Mothman Terrorizes Chicago Residents

Sunday, March 11th, 2018, MJ of Pang Radio along with co-host Ken Storch invites Paranormal historian and investigator Allison Jornlin to provide us with an update on the growing sightings of a Mothman like figure in the Chicago area and in several cities across the state of Wisconsin.

Freakish Sightings Series Correspondent Allison Jornlin

Allison grew up in a small town in southeastern Wisconsin, reading everything in the school library about UFOs, monsters, ghosts, and psychic phenomena and wondering about the mysteries of the big city. When she moved to Milwaukee she dug even deeper into the city’s dusty archives and began gathering first hand accounts of encounters with the paranormal. Finally, inspired by Chicago’s Richard Crowe, who kick started U.S. ghost tourism in 1973, she founded Milwaukee’s first haunted history tour in 2008.

When she’s not teaching fourth graders at a local elementary school, Allison conducts ghost tours in the Third Ward and down Milwaukee’s haunted main street, Wisconsin Avenue. She assists businesses and paranormal investigation teams with in-depth historical research. – www.milwaukeeghosts.com/

How Dangerous is the Mothman?

Freakish Sightings | Mothman Terrorizes Chicago Residents

Mothman is described as a bipedal, winged humanoid. Despite his name which was given to him by newspapers, he is in no way moth-like. His coloration varies from Black, gray, to even brown, although its is usually the darker shades. He is often reported to be about 7 feet tall, with a wingspan of about 10 to 15 feet or more, plus the ability to fly over 100 mph. Sometimes hes described as not having a head with the two huge red eyes set in the chest.

These eyes are reported to be glowing, or at least reflective. The details of his face and his feet have never been adequately described. One witness who saw the face clearly, could only say that the details were horrible and monstrous. She had terrible nightmares and nearly suffered a nervous breakdown.

Anyone who gets a close look at the Mothman seems to suffer from extreme fear and psychological distress, sometimes lasting for months or years afterwards. In particular, people say that a sense of pure evil overcomes them when they see Mothman’s eyes.

The Mothman’s Superhuman Abilities

He can fold his wings and walk with a weird shuffle that many witnesses compare to a penguin. When he flies, he unfolds his wings and shoots straight up with great speed, then levels out to go wherever he wants to go. He is rarely observed flapping his wings except for on take off. Witnesses often described his flight pattern as “Straight up, like a helicopter”. He can fly much faster than any bird should be able to fly, as measured by those victims who suffered from what seems to be Mothman’s favorite activity: chasing cars. He’ll fly in front of them and even sometimes hit at the roof.

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