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Humor & Horror: A Story of Shadow People

Saturday, July 8th, 2017 at 11 pm EDT, Paranormal Now’s host Alan B. Smith welcomes Heidi Hollis, the first researcher and author to thoroughly investigate, name and write about the phenomena of the Shadow People. Her book, The Secret War: A True Story About A Real Alien War and Shadow People solidified her place in the world of the paranormal. Heidi speaks not only about the terrifying incidents of Shadow People encounters, she offers her own ideas on how to combat them. However, Heidi and Alan have a friendly conflict of opinion on how one’s spiritual state and beliefs bare on these frightening encounters and the attempts to dispel them. Heidi also discusses her knew book, The Other F Word: A Book on Faith in the Real (Funny) World, the title of which encapsulates her uncanny ability to find humor in paranormal experiences without demeaning them. When speaking about the new work Heidi also explores her own atypical spiritual journey. You can hear her sincere sensitivity and compassion towards those who have reported having their own extremely alarming confrontations involving Shadow People, Hat Man, Aliens and other paranormal cryptids.

Heidi’s energy and enthusiasm means she doesn’t hold back and simply tells it like it is. And Heidi does indeed believe in the shadow world. Do you?


 Heidi Hollis | Humor & Horror: A Story of Shadow People

Not many authors can say they’ve named and defined two paranormal realities like Heidi Hollis! Heidi Hollis is a truth seeker of the unknown. She is the world’s foremost expert on Shadow People and The Hat Man phenomena and actually gave them both their descriptive names in her bestselling books, The Secret War: A True Story About A Real Alien War and Shadow People (circulated in 1997, originally published in 2001) and The Hat Man: The True Story of Evil Encounters.

Her other acclaimed books, Jesus Is No Joke: A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus and Picture Prayers, span a variety of topics based on Jesus and angel encounters. She has also authored and drawn a new graphic novel series, The Fickle Finders, which spans topics from aliens to angels. Her newest book soon to be released is a graphic novel to help arm people against evil onslaught with, “The Other ‘F’ Word”.

Hollis is also a lively radio talk show host (“The Outlander” with 600k listeners, The Kevin Cook Show has 860k listeners, and Paranormal Central), lecturer, cartoonist and practicing Occupational Therapist. Her paranormal comic strip, The Outlanders is gaining in popularity and spans as many topics as paranormally possible. She has spoken across the country and has been featured on a variety of notable radio and television programs, worldwide. http://heidihollis.com

Alan’s Paranormal Cabin

Paranormal & Faith. Am I A Believer? Need I Be?

Alan's Paranormal Cabin

Heidi and I agreed on a lot. Yet there was one topic we seemed only to be close on…but not exactly.

I call myself a “spiritual” person. A title that is often heckled and beleaguered. I’m not saying that’s what Heidi was doing. But our conversation spurred me to think on it a little.

Because I do understand why people believe being a spiritually agnostic person seems flakey and indecisive. We don’t commit. We don’t commit to a religion, a dogma, a specific higher power (because we claim we couldn’t possibly conceive of it), an agreed upon system of rituals, we borrow bits from various spiritual systems and assimilate our own individual routines and beliefs, and we do not proselytize others.

How then can we defend ourselves from critics who of faith, or atheists? Oh, and I sometimes think like a part time atheist.

We are all over the place – most of us without a thesis statement to describe our version of ‘spiritual”. We do not have centuries old methods of fending off evil beings or spirits (if we even believe in them). And if we have an unfortunate paranormal encounter the question becomes: would the saint, spiritual master or God we call upon come to our aid? Does the power of faith only work for those who commit to believing in a being or person that has already been described by historical scriptures?

I would like to think we can have a faith that is, psychologically and metaphysically speaking, equally powerful. I also believe our convictions of vague concepts like the “Universe” or “The Source” etc. can be spiritually grounding, centering and effective to fend off evil from our minds and possibly from the reported terrifying cryptid beings who prey on fear and sorrow.

For all my Twin Peaks fans out there, you probably remember “Garmonbozia” from the movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Here is a quote from Twin Peaks Wiki: “Loosely speaking, ‘garmonbozia’ is a negative spiritual energy of pain and suffering, or perhaps created from pain and sorrow.” Bob, an evil spirit of sorts in Twin Peaks does exactly that. He speaks garmonbozia. The struggle here is that pain and sorrow are a natural (not evil) human experience. One we wish we didn’t have, and one which hateful humans and evil intelligences can prey upon. They can act out and manipulate to evoke it because the root of it, in fact, comes from our capability to create pain and sorrow ourselves. We can feel it ourselves. So being human is like fertile ground for those who wish to nurture garmonbozia so they can feel powerful and suck up bursts of dark emotional energy.

You know…like the old and new churches have always said: fear will bring you to God. In my case, however, fear may bring me to further investigate different spiritual solutions. Maybe I’m too illogical for an atheist. However, I must employ some logic and a sense of open mindedness to my spiritual sojourn. That means I can not just jump into a religion or manifesto blindly.

Of course, if a Shadow Person was terrifying me I would seek out ways to eliminate its presence. I would intensify and modify those things I already do to enhance my spiritual life. And I would certainly search the internet and talk to local leaders of various spiritual institutions to rid myself of an evil entity. Still, would I completely alter my beliefs and become a religious person? Well, I know that if my agnostic efforts reward me with peace, then no I wouldn’t.

If the other happened…

– Alan B. Smith

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