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4 August 2017 App Feed Heidi Hollis - The Outlander Podcast

How to Use Hypnotherapy to Communicate with the Afterlife and Alien Worlds

Friday, August 4th, 2017 at 9 pm EDT, Heidi Hollis – The Outlander invites hypnotherapist James Schwartz to share his groundbreaking ability to communicate with others in the afterlife and parallel planes through the use of alchemical hypnosis.


James Schwartz | Using Hypnotherapy to Communicate with the Afterlife and Alien Worlds

James Schwartz is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and an NLP practitioner. He is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and a member of the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists.

James is the founder and director of the Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy Center in Lakewood, Colorado, and is certified in Complementary Medical Hypnosis, NeuroLinguistic Programming and HypnoBirthing®. A graduate of Cal State Dominguez Hills and San Diego State University, James is a gifted teacher, speaker, writer and musician.

James is the author of two books: One Voice, Sacred Wisdom and The Mind-Body Fertility Connection.

One Voice, Sacred Wisdom is a groundbreaking exploration into the communications we are receiving from other realms. Through the use of alchemical hypnosis, James was able to gather information about life, death, the afterlife, karma, parallel planes, healing and why we exist on this planet from clients who were communicating directly with their guides.

Through his extensive work with infertility clients, James created and developed the Hypnosis to Promote Fertility program which focuses on healing the mental and emotional barriers that can often prevent conception. This work led to his book, The Mind Body Fertility Connection®, which was endorsed by leaders in the fields of acupuncture, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and Maya massage.

For more information about the author, you can go to the web site for The Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy Center, LLC, at www.rmhypnotherapy.com. To learn more about One Voice, Sacred Wisdom, you can visit www.onevoicesacredwisdom.com. If you are interested in James’ book on fertility, The Mind-Body Fertility Connection, check out www.the mindbodyfertilityconnection.com.

One Voice, Sacred Wisdom: Revealing Answers to Some of Life’s Greatest Mysteries from Your Guides, Spirits and Angels

One Voice, Sacred Wisdom: Revealing Answers to Some of Life’s Greatest Mysteries from Your Guides, Spirits and Angels by James Schwatz

Why are we here on this planet? What happens when we die? Is there such a thing as karma? Is there an afterlife? Is there a secret to healing the physical body?

These are the mysteries James Schwartz set out to answer in One Voice, Sacred Wisdom, a groundbreaking exploration of spiritual questions we have all pondered. Using a process called alchemical hypnosis, he has gathered information from clients who were in direct communication with their guides and angels. And from those sessions―about life, death, karma, parallel planes, healing, and why we exist―come new insights that may challenge many of the spiritual beliefs that we have come to accept.

Highlights of One Voice, Sacred Wisdom include:
Actual transcripts of clients experiencing the phenomena of visiting different planes of existence during their hypnosis sessions.
A fascinating explanation―from the guides―of how parallel planes can actually exist and how time operates to accommodate them.
A compilation of information from hundreds of guides who have shared heir wisdom in hypnosis sessions.

One Voice, Sacred Wisdom is a must-read guide for anyone searching for answers, whether you walk the path of traditional religion or are an independent seeker of spiritual truths. – Get the Book!

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