Jason Quitt

21 December 2016 App Feed California MUFON Radio Podcast

Do We Have Proof of a Bona Fide Time Traveler in our Timeline?

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 at 11 pm EST, the genial prolocutor and voice of California MUFON Radio, Lorien Fenton invites Jason Quitt to explain the massive ET cover-up and John’s first-hand timetravel experience.


Jason Quitt is the Author of Forbidden Knowledge - Powered by Inception Radio Network

Jason is a graduate of the Institute of Energy Wellness, and a student of Algonquin Shamanism, Jason Quitt has been training and working with many teachers, shamans, and traditional healers from around the world. Jason is also the author and teacher of “Egyptian Postures of Power” and “The Yosef Codes” methods of personal healing and practice.

As a channeller of universal and dimensional energies of healing, Jason combines these methods and modalities of energy medicine, shamanism, and dowsing to assist those on their own personal paths of healing and enlightenment.