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Did Aliens Leave Trace Evidence of Their DNA After Attacking a Rancher?

Thursday, June 1st, 2017 at 10:30 pm EDT, join the resolute seeker of truth, René Barnett of NightVision Radio to hear the unimaginable details of life on his very strange ranch as John Edmonds joins us with tales of grey aliens, Nordics, interdimensional beings and portals to parallel worlds. Hear about the time he had to fight for his life… and, not only lived to tell about it, but managed to obtain what may be the only known sample of alien DNA!


John Edmonds | The Man Who Slays Aliens on Stardust Ranch with a Katana Sword

John Edmonds is professional counselor and therapist with more then 25 years of professional practice working with many different populations including family counseling, addiction counseling, crisis , the severely mentally ill, forensic populations, and PTSD counseling to deal with Trauma, abduction, and PTSD.

John is the owner of StarDust Ranch home of Hopeful Hooves an equine rescue facility for abandoned, starving, or severely abused horses.

Where is StarDust Ranch and Why is it So Unique?

StarDust Ranch is located in Rainbow Valley Arizona, 35 miles south and west of Phoenix Arizona. For the last 19 years StarDust Ranch has been the location of many strange UFO and ET encounters.

Such events include many close encounters of the third kind with flying saucers, Black Triangles, Grey Alien beings. Video, Photos, alien artifacts, and blood and tissue samples have been collected and analyzed over a number of years as physical proof of the events as they occurred

UFO Over Stardust Ranch

Alien creature on Stardust Ranch

Ascension Code:

The True Story of One Man’s Struggle with Extraterrestrials and Its Profound Meaning for Humanity

By John Edmonds with Elaine J. Keller

The Ascension Code By John Edmonds with Elaine J. Keller

A man’s fight to save himself, his wife and his rescued animals from invading extraterrestrials turns into an epic battle with far-reaching implications for humankind.

The beings come at them in the night, leaving behind iron hot brandings, with memories of abductions and physical violations. The are not of this world, and are from who-knows what dimension…

When John and his bride, Joyce exhaust their savings to escape to the Arizona desert form the Midwest, they only know that StarDust Ranch is the perfect place to start a family and for John to recover from the rare genetic illness that has plagued him. It seems a serene way of life to the couple, and they soon offer refuge to a host of abandoned animals that include dogs, horses, and birds.

Yet John unknowingly carries a trait within his DNA, and it is somehow connected to a strange rift between realities located on the ranch. These rifts are portals used by beings of every vibration and intent to travel here from other dimensions.

At first the goings-on at StarDust Ranch seem coincidental:

misplaced items, workmen refusing to come out to the property, standing in one place and finding yourself in another–

sudden electrical outages–

unexplained shadows–

strange bloodstains–

leading to sightings of UFO’s, and the mysterious appearance of creatures on the property. These are Gumby-like “wire men,” sponge-like men of Brillo, and the Greys.

Then come the mutilated carcasses of John’s favorite dogs–

And the rampaging terror of two dozen rescue horses.

As the visits of the Greys become frequent, Joyce levitates so often that John must anchor her to the bed. Then one night an act so devastating occurs that John picks up arms.

The nightly visitations take their toll on the couple. Yet from within the battle an epic truth emerges, a baptism of faith, a fight between good and evil, along with the true meaning of the stargate and a profound message. – http://alienranch.weebly.com

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