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1 May 2017 App Feed E.P.I.C. Voyages Podcast

Is Love the Key to Humanity’s Galactic Mission for Extraterrestrial Contact?

Monday, May 1st, 2017 at 9 pm EDT, EPIC Voyages Radio kicks into high gear as the industrious truth-seeking sleuth Carole Carle invites Intuitive Medium Karen Gresham Nickell to offer her gift of insight on the subject of the paranormal and some seemingly unexplainable events. Karen provides a first-hand narrative of her up close and personal conversations with the coalminers involved in a dramatic UFO encounter in the little Virginia town of Wythville in 1987.  Karen also touches on her time spent with Bossa Nova composer Antonio Carlos Jobim and Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former Defense Minister, and tells of voyages of intense personal spiritual discovery in which she focused on Indigenous Brazilian practices.


Karen Gresham Nickell | Is Love the Key to Achieving Extraterrestrial Contact?

Karen Gresham Nickell, BA, CHT, entered this lifetime with the gift of insight. She is an Intuitive Medium, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Licensed Educator in the state of Texas. Her specialty is helping individuals remove hidden blocks that are preventing them from achieving their goals. Karen offers Readings and Clinical Hypnotherapy to individuals, entrepreneurs and cultural creatives.

Education and Background

A graduate of Texas Wesleyan University, Karen has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts along with a secondary degree in English as well as teaching credentials in both subjects. She is also trained and certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with Gil Boyne’s American Council of Hypnotist Examiners in Los Angeles, California.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s Karen worked as a researcher for author David St. Clair. Their work together took them throughout the world, including Brasil, the U.K., the U.S. and Mexico where they presented workshops and private consultations teaching how to incorporate the Cosmic Forces into one’s life for healing and positive change. It was in Rio that Karen undertook a project for intensive personal spiritual discovery focused on indigenous Brazilian practices along with the exploration of paranormal phenomena. Click to read David St. Clair’s endorsement of Karen Gresham Nickell.

Intuitive Medium & Clinical Hypnotherapist

During the mid-1980s Karen worked as a Clinical Hypnotherapist operating her private practice in the Parioli residential section of Rome, Italy. In her role as an Intuitive Medium she conducted readings, along with assessments, leading to treatment via Clinical Hypnosis. Her practice focused on programming the subconscious mind around issues related to Family of Origin and creative development, along with work that accessed altered states of consciousness.

In the early 1990s, Karen continued her work in Dallas, Texas with Antonio Elio Borme, M.D. in a medical practice offering Clinical Hypnotherapy. Today, she continues to offer assessments and treatments through her private practice.

Work with Experiencers

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy, Karen interviewed hundreds of coal miners who were witnesses to extraordinary events in the 1987 Wytheville Virginia UFO Sightings described in the book Don’t Look Up. A contactee herself, she believes that love is the key to humanity’s galactic mission for contact with extraterrestrials and other spirit guides who can help us attain our highest purpose and fulfill our galactic mission as stewards of the Earth and citizens of the cosmic community.

Karen has worked for more than 35 years helping everybody from national and international celebrities to ordinary people, including students and children, throughout the world. Her clients have included Federico Fellini, Franco Brusati, and Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim (Brazilian Composer, “The Girl from Ipanema”). – source

I Am Cosmic: A Journey to Becoming

Karen’s talents extends into the audio realm with the release of her inspirational guided meditation album I am Cosmic. The album is offered in English and Portuguese.

Attune to your highest self! The Guided Meditation I Am Cosmic is a musical composition where sound and guided imagery meet, awakening the love within that manifests your heart’s desire.

These guided meditations can be used to awaken the creative mind to higher states of consciousness and to connect with the Cosmic Forces to make positive changes in your life. Open the connection of creative mind and higher consciousness and let your journey of becoming begin. –  Click here to listen to some track samples.

What the heck did coalminers encounter in Wytheville Virginia?

Monsters Among Us: An Exploration of Otherworldly Bigfoots, Wolfmen, Portals, Phantoms, and Odd Phenomena by Linda Godfrey

In 1987, in the community of Wytheville, Virginia, a series of UFO encounters would occur. The first sighting to be reported was made by three policeman.

On October 7, 1987, WYVE radio station news reporter Danny Gordon received a telephone call from the local Sheriff. This was a routine call that Gordon received to gather news each day.

However, this report was not your run-of-the-mill call. Gordon was shocked at what he was told – three Wythe County Sheriff deputies, all former military, had seen a UFO.

A report such as this was normally relegated to the end of Gordon’s news cast, as a tongue-in-cheek report. This was the case with the UFO report, but it would not remain humorous long.

Almost immediately after the broadcast, telephone switchboards were overloaded with UFO reports. Obviously, the three deputies were not the only witnesses to UFOs.

On October 19, Gordon set up a call-in show for the UFO reports. Though the reports came in, Gordon felt that there must be a reasonable explanation. He made numerous calls to the military, but was assured that nothing from the military would explain the reports.

On October 21, Gordon, along with his friend Roger Hall, a commercial pilot, took a drive to the southern part of Wythe County, where most of the UFO reports had originated. They were armed with both still and video cameras.

For about two hours they searched the skies for something unusual, but saw nothing. Their luck would change on their drive home. Gordon saw a strange object in the sky, and alerted Hall.

They quickly pulled off the road, and piled out. Both men could clearly see a large, domed, wingless object moving toward them. The right side of the UFO was illuminated with various colored lights.

Hall reported that the object was the size of two football in length. He could see three windows on the craft, light from the inside. Also, he was shocked to see a red ball moving toward what he felt was a mother ship.

Danny Gordon Soon, the larger ship slowly moved into a cloud bank, with the red ball joining it. Both men thought the other was taking photos or video of the object. They were both so taken by what they were seeing, neither man had grabbed a camera.

The very next night, the two sky watchers again searched for the UFO. They were reward this time with photographs. Although the photos were not yet developed, a press conference was called for the following day.

The night before the conference, Gordon received an anonymous call, warning him that the Federal Government was very much interested in what Gordon and Hall had seen. Gordon continued to receive calls, warning him to back off of the UFO subject.

After the conference was held, Gordon arrived at his home only to find that someone had broken in. Nothing was taken, but Gordon believed that someone was trying to find his UFO photos.

Gordon would get a second chance to capture a UFO with his camera. Six weeks after the conference, he, along with his wife and daughter, were leaving a local mall after doing some shopping. Suddenly, they heard a roar of voices coming from a Wythe school bus which was sitting in the parking lot.

The reason for the student’s excitement was soon discovered. Hovering in plain sight was a large group of four unknown lights. This time Gordon had his camera ready and snapped several photographs.

After the photos were developed, it could be clearly seen that the four lights changed shapes.

UFO Photo by Danny Gordon UFO Photo by Danny Gordon UFO Photo by Danny Gordon
The sightings in and around Wytheville continued. By the end of December, approximately 1,500 reports had been filed. These described various shapes and sizes, with most of the objects seeming to be noiseless.

On March 19, 1988, Gordon, while packing for a Broadcaster’s Conference in Virginia Beach, where he would discuss the UFO sightings over Wytheville, he received a telephone call from a retired Military Intelligence Officer.

The officer told Gordon to tape the call because if something was to happen to Gordon, he would have proof that Gordon had been warned to cease publicizing the UFO sightings. The officer threatened Gordon and his family.

Naturally, Gordon was frightened, but also maddened by the threats. Approximately a month later, Gordon had a visit from two men. They claimed to be from a newspaper. One of the men interviewed Gordon about the sightings for about 45 minutes, while the second visitor roamed around the house, taking photographs.

Gordon has been promised a copy of the interview, but after a suitable time passed with no information, Gordon called the paper where the two men claimed to work. Gordon was informed that the men were not employees of the paper.

A few weeks later, Gordon got a chance to go back through all of the photos he had taken of the UFOs. He discovered that although some of the negatives remained, one set in particular was missing – the photos taken over the shopping mall.

The threatening phone calls, the visits by bogus newsmen, and the breaking in of his home finally took their tool on Gordon. Two weeks after he discovered the missing set of photos, he keeled over.

His wife rushed him to a local Emergency Room, where it was first thought that he was suffering a heart attack. It would soon be discovered that he was suffering from exhaustion.

Gordon his health at rich, finally decided to back off of his ardent search for the mystery of the UFO sightings over Wytheville, Virginia, and gave this advice to others: “Don’t look up.”

What can be said about the mysterious lights / objects in the Virginia skies in the late 1980s? Were they from the stars? or were they some highly classified military experiment?

We may never know for certain. The mystery continues. – source

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