Kathrina Peterson

2 November 2016 App Feed Podcast Truthfunders Radio

Does Transformational Healing Connect Neurobiology with Psychology and Spirituality?

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 at 9 pm EDT, the adroit duo of TruthFunders Radio, Mark Schwartz invites Marin Mind Body transformational healer Kathrina Peterson to explain how neurobiology is connected with psychology and spirituality.


Kathrina Peterson | Mind Body Connection of Neurobiology & Spirituality

Kathrina Peterson is a healer, teacher and writer. She specializes in consciousness transformation, movement repatterining, trauma resolution, spiritual emergence and energy medicine. She is the author of Surviving Illumination Breaking through Crisis (teachings around a kundalini rising), Camino: a mental & spiritual journey, and Salamander Marking Time (a book on dying into life). Growing up with a mother who was also a healer, it became very evident to her that wisdom must accompany compassion.

She was trained in Buddhist monasteries in Asia and was an anthropologist before settling in the SF region. In her twenties, she studied closely with elders in their seventies and eighties deeply embedded in wisdom schools. She works individually in person as well as long distance by skype. She loves gardening, traveling around the world, walking in nature and baking.