Kevin Estrella

29 July 2015 App Feed Podcast Truthfunders Radio

Musical Masterpiece on Pyramids on Mars

Kevin Estrella | Musical Masterpiece on Pyramids on Mars

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 at 9 pm EDT, the adroit duo of TruthFunders Radio, Art Webb and Mark Schwartz taps into Kevin Estrella’s musically themed project on pyramids on mars.


Kevin Estrella recorded, produced, engineered and mastered his first debut CD, self titled “Pyramids on Mars” released in 2013.  He performed all the instruments on the album and did all the drum programming.

He has been capturing music industry attention getting international radio airplay in the U.S, Canada, South America and Europe.  He is a regular guest on Brian ‘the hammer’ Jackson radio (Los Angeles) to over 4 million listeners and a weekly speaker on Real Rock Radio (Chicago).

Tune in this Wednesday at 9 pm eastern to learn about Kevin’s inspiration behind his music, right here on the Inception Radio Network.