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7 August 2017 App Feed Center of Light Radio Podcast

Indigo and Rainbow Children and the New Golden Age

Monday, August 7th, 2017 at 6 pm EDT, Keith Anthony Blanchard of Center of Light Radio returns with actress and producer Kristie Reeves to share her experience about the Indigo and Rainbow children and the role they play in the Ascension process and in ushering in the New Golden Age


Kristie Reeves | Indigo and Rainbow Children and the New Golden Age

Kristie Reeves has been in the entertainment industry since childhood. Kristie has worked intensely in dance, theater, and film. After graduating high school, she received a teaching diploma in classical ballet from the Royal Academy of Dance in  London of which she became a member at the age of fourteen.

She has danced, acted and sung in numerous musical theater productions, appeared in music videos alongside Jennifer Lopez and others, has won awards for her choreographies and danced with several companies in four different countries.

Besides her work on stage and in front of the camera, Ms Reeves has worked as a production assistant and stage manager working her way up to producer on numerous films, commercials and plays.

As an actress she has worked on TV shows such as “The Division”, “Eyes” and “Las Vegas”. She played Roberta in the feature film “September Song” directed by famous German director Uli Lommel, Detective Keller in the feature “Sub-ter-fuge” and Charlene in the short film “In the Meantime” (which she also produced). – http://kristiereeves.com

Who are the Indigo and Rainbow Children?

Who are the Indigo and Rainbow Children?

For the past six years, Kristie has been producing a documentary series called “The Children of the Rainbow”. During that time she has interviewed many professionals in that field as well as the children and their parents themselves. Having become an expert on the topic, Kristie has traveled around the world lecturing on the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children and the New Golden Age. On today’s show, Kristie will share information on the important role these kids play in our current times and what we can all do to help these children thrive. These children are truly our hope for the future!

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