Lee Shargel & Leela Hutchinson

8 March 2017 App Feed California MUFON Radio Podcast

Life Has Been Discovered on Another Planet – The Other Planet is… EARTH

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 at 11 pm EST, the genial prolocutor and voice of California MUFON Radio, Lorien Fenton returns with SciFi Author and Playwright Lee Shargel to share his personal experiences in the UFO community.

Later in the show, Lorien  invites Gemologist Leela Hutchinson to explain  the possible connection between the Earth’s energy grids and alien visitors.


Lee Shargel | Is the UFO Community is a Galactic Crime Syndicate?Lee Shargel is executive producer of FilmWorks LSD, a feature film company. He is also an internationally known science fiction author (Voice in the Mirror). He is also infamous for his International UFO hoax which coincided with the Heaven’s Gate tragedy. In spite of the tragedy of those 39 people, Lee Shargel proved his point.

The UFO community is a Galactic Crime syndicate preying on the unsuspecting minds, fears, hopes and wallets of millions of people worldwide. His next book due out later this year entitled: “The Christmas Siren” is slated for production as a feature film.


Leela Hutchinson | Giant CrystalsLeela Hutchison is a Graduate Gemologist, explorer, teacher and presenter on crystals, gems and minerals. She specializes in educating listeners in the remarkable qualities of Selenite, considered by many to be one of the major power generating energies of the emerging new global consciousness.

She began showing rare images of the earliest exploration of the Giant Selenite Crystals found in Mexico starting in May, of 2001 to audiences in Kauai. From the overwhelming interest from that audience, invitations were extended to teach in other places in the world.

Leela is also a healing arts practitioner with more than 3,000 hours of hands-on-healing. She specializes in crystal energy amplification with the use of rough and faceted gemstones, quartz and Selenite crystals. Her classes provide education for others to utilize these same healing modalities through the layout of grids of crystalline energy patterns on the body and the land.

She was born and raised in El Paso, Texas where her love for exploration and collecting rocks began. A fascination with the geology of the American Southwest led to what she laughingly refers to as a near-obsession for hiking deep into the canyons, mountain ranges and caves of the region for rock hunting.

For years, Leela has traveled areas of the world to power centers and sacred sites including Peru, England, Bermuda, Iona, Scotland, Greece, Arkansas, Ireland, Canada and France. She also visited the pyramids of the Yucatan and Mexico in pursuit of scientific, spiritual and metaphysical understanding of energy in stones, vortices, key Ley lines and grid lines in the earth.

In 1997, she experienced her first awakening to the greater unified field of consciousness, and the realization of the great love and honoring that mother Earth has for all of her children.

In 2001 Leela became the first American woman to enter the astonishing giant Selenite crystal caves near the village of Naica, Chihuahua in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Sonora, Mexico. These caves contain what are now known as the largest crystals on Earth ranging in size to 36 feet, and weighing as much as 60 tons and estimated to be 1,000,000 (one million) years old.

The conditions of the cave are challenging: extreme temperatures of 132 Fahrenheit in 2000 and now 122 degrees (in 2008 and slowly dropping) and 100% humidity.

Leela feels intuitively there are still more of the colossal Selenite crystals yet to be discovered deep underground. For the past eleven years, she has been gathering research suggesting their energy fields affect the collective consciousness of humanity. Her research includes ongoing explorations linking these giant Selenite crystals to other Selenite crystals found in the State of New Mexico.

In mid-December, 2009, while boarding a plane in Los Angeles to west Texas, she had a conversation with New Mexico Tech associate professor of Cave and Karst Science, and Director of Cave and Karst Studies, Department of Earth and Environmental Science, Penelope Boston. She had recently returned from another expedition with the Naica Project team filming Part 2 of the Naica Project for National Geographic television. Part 1 of the Naica Project was filmed by NatGeoTV for their documentary in November of 2008. They had found another pocket of the Selenite crystals in the Naica mountain range. Although these crystals are not in the same giant formation as the first cave found it is an indication of a mass amount of material found in this area.

Her latest research is now revealing how these crystals amplify the crystalline field found in the electromagnetic ley lines in and around the earth, connecting into the trigger dates of activating the 144 lines of the crystalline grid. (The double penta-dodecaheran) The last trigger date of 12-12-12 will be the culmination of the crystals coming on line for the completion date of the historic December 21st, 2012 Galactic alignment.

Voice in the Mirror: Will the Final Apocalypse Be Averted? by Lee Shargel

Voice in the Mirror: Will the Final Apocalypse Be Averted? by Lee Shargel

What might happen if the Hubble Space Telescope were to discover an alien civilization? Voice in the Mirror is a riveting account of how such an alien contact might occur, and although it is science fiction, it contains a wealth of factual information about the Hubble and NASA.

Also thought-provoking is Lee’s depiction of a cover-up in the original construction of the scope, perpetrated to hide the fraud and deception by some of America’s largest companies. If the truth is out there, but hidden as many claim, then Voice in the Mirror may be the book that opens closed doors. amazon.com

Journey Into the Giant Selenite Crystal Caves of Mexico Edition II: Now with Rare Color Images by Leela Hutchinson

Journey Into the Giant Selenite Crystal Caves of Mexico Edition II: Now with Rare Color Images by Leela HutchinsonNew updated edition includes color photos of personal adventures and first group of explorers to enter into the Giant Selenite Crystal Caves of Naica Chihuahua, Mexico in January of 2001.

As of 2015, the Penoles Mining Co. has flooded the Mine in Naica and the Giant Crystals are now forever out of our reach.  They have been submerged underwater and their presence will not likely be witnesses again.

 Join Leela Hutchison as she takes you on a journey of adventures that lead you into an underground alien world right here on Planet Earth as one of the first explorers (2001) of these rare and obsolete giants.  The mysterious giant Selenite crystals of Naica Mexico are now known to be the largest crystals in the world.  Read why this crystal fortress of Superman’s Palace has drawn explorers, researchers and scientists from around the world to study these alien-like super structures.  This place is considered to be one of the most hostile environments in the world where a human can die in less than 30 minutes after entering the crystal caverns with extreme temperatures and humidity.  Get read to experience the crystals as if you have been there yourself.