Legend of the 7 Most Popular Myth Animals in the World

Basilisk Myth

You might have watched a movie that gave rise to large animals, Kraken, unicorns or dragons.

These types of animals have never been found in the real world. However, many assume these animals do exist. Only, it appears in the legendary story about myths related to these animals.

Although many believe it, in fact, the animal is not real. They are only the fruit of human thought and imagination. People think it exists because the animal is interesting to talk about and can scare us.

Want to know what are the most popular mythical animals and the stories behind them? Check out the following explanation.

1. Kraken

Kraken Myth

Kraken is an ancient sea monster circulating in world legends, especially Greece and Norway. He looks like an octopus but is very large. People believe that this creature could sink the ship. So scary, Kraken often adapted into the film. For example, in Pirates of the Caribbean and Clash of the Titans.

Reporting from List 25, a sailor from Japan tried to find this creature in the Pacific Ocean. The result, he did manage to find a large squid, but it was not Kraken.

2. Phoenix

Phoenix is ​​a bird that often appears in ancient mythology, including Greek, Egyptian, and Indian tribes. It is described as looking like an eagle but also resembles a crane with fine hair. Another uniqueness of this mythical creature is that there is only one phoenix at a time.

People believe in it as a creature that symbolizes eternal life. Why is that? This is because the bird can come back to life after death. When he feels his life is ending soon, which is about a thousand years, the phoenix will build its own funeral. He collected aromatic wood to burn himself. After becoming ash, he will rise again.

3. Dragon

dragon myth

You certainly already know the origin of this mythical animal, right? True, the story of the dragon originated in China. Local people have believed this animal for at least 4,000 years ago.

The dragon is described as a large reptile that can fly and emit fire as its breath. Not only that, but the great animal can also shoot deadly poison from its nostrils. Although it looks wild, the Chinese people consider the dragon as a symbol of courage and heroism.

4. Unicorns

What comes to mind when you hear a unicorn? Graceful, horned, rainbow, right? For a long time, unicorns were indeed associated with alluring noble beings. Most cultures describe this mythical animal as a one-horned white horse on its forehead. The horns don’t look scary, but they are spiral and shiny, adding to the creature’s elegance.

Different from mythical animals that are usually frightening, unicorns are symbols of purity and kindness. Believers who kill the creature will be condemned and not forgiven.

5. Basilisk

Ever heard of this creature before? He has appeared in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The actual basilisk is quite different from that depicted in the film. Reporting from All That’s Interesting, he has a head like a chicken, eyes like a frog, his body covered with scales, and the back is like a snake.

This animal is believed to be very poisonous. People are afraid of the basilisk because it can kill only with the look in its eyes. He will also leave poison in the places he passed.

6. Hydra

Hydra is another scary creature that is in Greek and Roman mythology. The shape itself is scary. It has nine snakeheads with a very large body.

This creature is very difficult to kill because every time his head is cut, there will be two more heads that grow in that place. Reporting from All That’s Interesting, the hydra is a manifestation of human fear of snakes.

7. Sphinx

The Sphinx that we know is a famous statue in Egypt. It has a body like a lion and has a human head. But for the people of Ancient Egypt, the Sphinx is a powerful and magical mythological creature. He also has a high level of intellect and is known to like puzzles. That is why the Sphinx looks like a king and is given a hoarse crown.

But when adopted by Greek mythology, it was described as an evil creature. People add snake tails and wings to form the image. The Sphinx is also known as a mythical animal that likes to fool victims before eating it.

Actually, many more mythical animals come from legends and popular stories of the world—for example, centaurs, Pegasus, mermaids, sirens, and others.

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