Dr. Lisa Galarneau & Russ Calka

15 March 2017 App Feed California MUFON Radio Podcast

Do You Believe Disclosure is the Key Issue of Our Time?

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 at 11 pm EDT, the genial prolocutor and voice of California MUFON Radio, Lorien Fenton invites Disclosure Activist Dr. Lisa Galarneau and Russ Calka to answer the fundamental question of whether contact with extraterrestrial life is looming on the horizon for humanity.


Dr. Lisa Galarneau | Do You Believe Disclosure is the Key Issue of Our Time?Lisa Galarneau is She considers herself a socio-cultural anthropologist, futurist, US Army veteran, and experiencer since childhood, Lisa is committed to illuminating the truth about our extraterrestrial and extradimensional visitors as well as challenging the truth embargo.

Her employment background includes stints in cryptology, telegram singing, and commercial anthropology, which she currently works in today. When earning her PhD, Lisa studied the anthropology of online gamers, traveling to thirteen different countries to study behaviors in different environments.

We Believe Disclosure Is The Key Issue Of Our Time

“I have always taken it for granted that contact with extraterrestrial life is looming on the horizon for humanity. As an optimist, I tend to see this as something that would be full of possibility, and indeed the very thing we need as a society in these perilous times, rather than something to fear. “- Dr. Lisa Galarneau


Russ Calka | Do You Believe Disclosure is the Key Issue of Our Time?Russ has been fascinated by the UFO topic since childhood and is an impassioned leader in the Disclosure movement. Previously an active member of the Disclosure Lobby, Russ has now taken the reins for the U.S.- based Disclosure effort.

Disclosure Will Advance Our Development

“Convinced by overwhelming evidence of an extraterrestrial intelligence engaging the human race since 10 years old, I have come to the final conclusion that the ONLY thing that will save this planet from self-destruction and and allow the Human species to advance our development amongst the stars is the formal acknowledgment of an Extraterrestrial presence. It’s called #Disclosure. It’s the law. It’s desperately needed.” – Russell Calka ​

The Disclosure Activists Manifesto e Manifesto

The Disclosure ActivistsWe know without a doubt that our planet is being engaged by offworld civilizations that are extraterrestrial or
extradimensional in nature.  As an activist group, we are committed to uniting various research groups and organizations in ​order to get this story out to mainstream audiences.
We stand for the following:
We do not support any truth embargo enforced by government, press and media, nor the scientific establishment.
We know that vast amounts of evidence are routinely ignored or covered up by these organizations.2.
We do not believe that there have been efforts to contact offworld civilizations (i.e. SETI) that have yielded no results.
We do not accept that our space agencies, like NASA, are ignorant of these encounters with off-world civilizations.3.
We do not accept arguments suggesting there is no proof of this activity nor do we accept ridicule or stigma when
discussing these serious topics.

We are convinced that our planet and civilizations have been engaged by offworld civilizations for millennia.
We accept the extraterrestrial hypothesis as valid in many cases and while we consider terrestrial explanations
​for all things, we do not privilege terrestrial hypotheses only.

We know that a variety of governments, militaries, and other organizations have had contact experiences that they
have kept veiled in secrecy. We know that there have been recent efforts by government agencies (like the CIA),
whistleblowers, and leaks to disclose the offworld presence, but as of yet, no world authority has given confirmation.
This must change.

We understand that our offworld visitors hail from numerous star systems and races and that our contact experiences
with these others have been both negative and extremely positive. We know that Disclosure of the offworld intelligences
engaging our planet and civilization could mean a quantum leap forward for humanity.  This is both possible and desirable.

7. We are aware that there are numerous unacknowledged and suppressed technologies that have been revealed by these
interactions with offworld visitors and we know that some (e.g. free energy) could greatly benefit humanity.

We attest that government truth and transparency are critical to the success of any democracy, and we have a right to
know the truth about our offworld visitors. We believe that citizen resistance and effort are critical at this time in
​our evolution and a critical part of consciousness improvements to our species. – http://www.disclosureactivists.org/

Listen to Dr. Lisa Galarneau and Russ Calka share the goal behind their Disclosure Activist movement, right here!