Lori Williams

10 February 2017 App Feed Heidi Hollis - The Outlander Podcast

Learn Controlled Remote Viewing from an Intuitive Specialist

Friday, February 10th, 2017 at 9 pm EST, the spirited and jocular Heidi Hollis of the Heidi Hollis – The Outlander invites Intuitive Specialist Lori Williams to present the types of projects and applications for which controlled remote viewing is now being used.  Lori also explains some techniques that prove to be very effective for beginners.


Lori Williams | Learn Remote Viewing from an Intuitive Specialist

Lori Williams, CHt, LMT, has been researching, practicing and studying the science of Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) for 14 years. After a lifetime of unbidden, vivid precognitive and unexplained paranormal experiences, she became interested in Controlled Remote Viewing as a scientific method for controlling those experiences as well as gaining a better understanding of them.

Her search for answers led her to Lyn Buchanan. Ms. Williams met Mr. Buchanan in 1996. His company, Problems>Solutions>Innovations (P>S>I), was one of the first CRV instruction companies to be established after the military de-classified the Remote Viewing program in 1995. Ms. Williams took the P>S>I Basic Class in early 1997, and went on to complete the Intermediate and Advanced classes in 1998 and 1999. She has since taken several other post-advanced CRV courses.

Over the years, Ms. Williams has spent countless hours honing her remote viewing skills through practice sessions with provable feedback, complete with written summaries and recorded data-sheets. As a professional remote viewer, Ms. Williams has worked with five remote viewing companies in three countries. Her experience includes working with law enforcement to assist in missing person cases, conducting professional sessions for corporations that have had a direct effect on profit margins, working on archeological mysteries, and many remote-healing sessions.

Ms. Williams began teaching Basic Controlled Remote Viewing in 2001, and is considered one of the first certified civilian Controlled Remote Viewing instructors. She opened her first company in 1999, now known as Intuitive Specialists, which provides remote viewing and intuitive development instruction as well as remote viewing services and intuitive consulting.

Advantages of Controlled Remote Viewing

Intuitive Specialist Controlled Remote Viewing Training & Services

Lori Williams provides examples of what remote viewing can help you with.

• Assist law enforcement to find missing people and solve crimes
• Locate artifacts and structures in important archeological digs
• Help parents better understand their children and foresee problems before they occur, thereby preventing disaster
• Work with medical personnel to detect illness and locate the source
• Improve creativity for authors, song writers and more
• Uncover hidden secrets of history
• Describe future technologies
• Devise improved strategies and processes for current methods of doing things
• Find solutions to personal, professional and planetary issues