Mack Maloney

27 January 2017 App Feed Heidi Hollis - The Outlander Podcast

Understanding the Dangers of UFO Saucer Chases in Wartime

Friday, January 27h, 2017 at 9 pm EST, the spirited and jocular Heidi Hollis of the Heidi Hollis – The Outlander invites skilled Sci-Fi UFO journalist Mack Maloney to share stories of UFOs sightings reported by several distinguished military personnel during wartime. Mack also discusses locations of clandestine government facilities believed to operate black projects dealing with alien technology.


Mack Maloney | Understanding the Dangers of UFO Saucer Chases in Wartime

Mark Maloney is an author whose books cover the lure of wartime stories with an action packed narrative of “old-time swashbuckling pirate adventures updated to the 21st century”. Mack grew up in Dorchester, Mass. and his path to becoming a novelist was conceived the moment he was handed a typewriter in the 4th grade and spawned a creative bug to be a pitch-man to sci-fi editors.

Mack has written several wartime thriller fiction books; such as; “Wingman”, “Operation Caribe”, ‘The Pirate Hunter’s”, among several others. He took the leap to writing his second non-fiction book in 20 years covering true testimonies of UFO connections in covert government bases in “Beyond Area 51″. – www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk

Beyond Area 51: The Mysteries of the Planet’s Most Forbidden, Top Secret Destinations…

Beyond Area 51 by Mack MaloneyFew have ventured into the many heavily guarded, top-secret locations scattered across the earth. Even fewer have emerged with stories to tell. Yet every now and then the common man is given an illicit glimpse of something extraordinary…

In Beyond Area 51, Mack Maloney explores the truths behind the many myths and legends surrounding some of the world’s most mysterious locales. From the Homestead Air Force base in Miami, Florida to Russia’s Kapustin Yar, Maloney investigates incredible reports of extraterrestrial experimentation on animals, UFOs with road rage, and other unbelievable tales beyond our wildest imaginings.

Filled with fascinating, true accounts, Beyond Area 51 will convince any skeptic of the infinite possibilities of what exists on, and beyond, our tiny planet.