Alan B. Smith


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Alan B. Smith

Alan B. Smith’s Bio

Alan B. Smith is the host of Paranormal Now.

Alan B. Smith is the  is the co-producer and director of the award winning documentary Born Equal. He has also worked as a freelance videographer and website video promotions creator. Alan has trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts as an actor and is a lover of entertainment and the arts. His radio experience began as the Technical Director and guest host for EPIC Voyages Radio. At EPIC he hosted live shows as well as having developed the website, graphic designs, and videos for the program.

Alan’s Personal Paranormal Experience

After having shared an eyewitness nighttime UFO sighting when he was young, the need to seek answers to the UFO, E.T. and paranormal phenomena grabbed hold and never let go.

Fun Facts about Alan

Alan currently lives in New York City. His motto is to “Live in the mystery.”


Alan B. Smith,