Carole Carle

Carole Carle’s Bio

Carole Carle is the host of UFO Headline News and guest-host on EPIC Voyages Radio.

Carole Carle is the oldest daughter of Walter R. Carle and Louise Carle.  Carole’s birth was actually announced in The Hollywood Reporter as her father was then a news director and television news broadcaster in that city.  Her mother sang live on the radio and was also a “disc jockey” back in the day.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan where the family moved when she was a child,  Carole began doing musical theatre in high school and community theatre followed.  Eventually the family moved back to L.A.  where Carole found professional work and joined Actors Equity Association (the stage actors union) and the Screen Actors Guild.

Fascinated with all things paranormal since age 12, Carole could constantly be found lugging home the latest books from the library on ufo’s, spirits or Charles Fortean phenomena.  For the past decade Carole’s research has centered on the Fox Sisters and the roots of American Spiritualism.  Currently, she and her composer husband are in the later stages of completing a musical based on the Hydesville Rappings.

Carole Carle’s career highlights:

  • Performing with the national company On a Clear Day You Can See Forever opposite John Raitt, Howard Keel, and understudy to Tammy Grimes.
  • Scene as Robert Redford’s much younger hometown girl friend Lena in the Paramount film Downhill Racer.
  • Scene with Leonard Nimoy, Mission Impossible, Season 5, episode 1, “The Killer.”
  • Carole Carle can be found on IMDB and on Soundcloud

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