Jennifer Malek


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Jennifer Malek

Jennifer Malek’s Bio

Jennifer Malek a co-host of Paraversal Universe.

Jennifer Malek is the lead Psychic & resident Demonologist for the Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society Ltd. She is also the Wisconsin representative for the Praesidium Warriors of St. Michael. She is a contributing writer for Supernatural Magazine.

Her & her husband Kevin Malek run the Northwoods Paranormal Resource Center in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Born in New Jersey, she comes from a family line of gifted women with psychic abilities, & has been involved with the supernatural her whole life. She has helped other paranormal teams in the past w/her abilities, & does private consultations as well for individuals.

She is well versed in Metaphysics & Theology, & specializes in malevolent hauntings. She has made numerous appearances on different networks & interviewed on such paranormal shows.

Jennifer Malek,