Ted Torbich


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Ted Torbich

Ted Torbich’s Bio

Ted Torbich is the host of The Stench of Truth.

Ted Torbich is interested in uncovering the truth, at least as far as we can know it, on a variety of subjects like politics, the occult, and hidden history.

Government conspiracies, forteana, Occult, Globalism, North American Union, Bilderbergers, elites, Constitution, power, war, disease, New World Order, illuminati, cover-ups, secret societies, rants, high strangeness, revolution, occult, spirituality, politics, police state, fascism, predatory capitalism, current events and maybe a little humor as well.
Socio-political commentary with a conspiratorial twist as well as the occasional Francis E. Dec rant thrown in for your amusement. Ted likes to give my own take on the news and current events. He tries to stay current with a couple of videos each week at least. Feel free to comment, good or bad.

Fun Facts about Ted

He has two cats and they are clearly the masters of his home where he is the pet.

Ted Torbich,