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12 March 2018 App Feed Center of Light Radio Podcast

Healing Ourselves in the Temple of Sound

Monday, March 12th, 2018 at 6 pm ET, Keith Anthony Blanchard of Center of Light Radio invites Shamanic sound expert Michael Moon to help us learn how we can heal ourselves by trusting spirits to move through us as sound.


Michael Moon | Healing Ourselves in the Temple of Sound

The first part of his life he struggled not only with Autism, but chronic health issues and traumatic family events, which left him in a very difficult place. But during this time he would always hear music inside which he found very soothing and he loved building on it and changing it in his head, composing and conducting a magical inner symphony.

Outside in the real world music was not a part of his life at all. He was into math and sciences. Then one day in the depth of physical disability he was listening to this inner music and an inner voice as clear as day told him he is here to create this music and he should dedicate his life to this task; it would help heal him and ultimately help others to heal and reconnect to nature and spirit. This was so shocking and so strong he just listened and never looked back. Within months he had learned the basics of music.

Michael never returned to University to finish his Architecture degree and instead began a lifelong journey creating The Temple of Sound. A sonic space one could go for healing, encapsulated into a CD. A musical space echoing the soothing inner landscape he creates inside to sooth myself. Indeed this music has now become a powerful gateway to his own healing. He uses the music he’s created everyday as a tool to self-sooth and grow. Each CD he creates also takes him on a deep healing journey of its own expanding him in ways that never seemed possible.

He has since studied with many Shamans, healers and musicians from around the world passionately imbibing all the mystical and healing dimensions of sound he could find. Many of the best lessons he has learned though, have come directly from nature and his own inner voice.

– http://www.michaelmoon.com/

Michael’s Sound Healing Retreats

The power of sound has been used to heal, inspire and create a connection with the sacred since humans have been around. The human voice is designed for this purpose. When the voice is freed from the mind magic can happen. On these retreats we play, learn, and discover a new relationship to sound, music, spirit, nature, and ourselves.

This is a deeply inspiring, relaxing and healing weekend designed for both musicians and especially to those who think they have no relationship to music! Music and the voice will be our vehicle to connect to our authentic selves, each other and beyond.

We explore nada yoga (the yoga of sound), toning, group chanting, group music making, drumming, overtone singing, using your voice to heal yourself and others and more.

Anyone who plays an instrument is encouraged to bring it and we will learn a new relationship to it as a fun healing tool.

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