Mother of Goddess

16 January 2017 App Feed Center of Light Radio Podcast

Love Has Won!

Monday, January 16th, 2017 at 6 pm EST, Keith Anthony Blanchard of Center of Light Radio invites Mother of Goddess aka Mother of Creation to explain why she believes she is tapped to create a pathway for the 5th ascension of the awakening consciousness for the planet.


Mother of Goddess | 5th Awakening Consciousness of Planet Earth

As far as Mother of Goddess understands, she was born as the first experimental crystal child, meaning they could not program nor condition her. She has been awake all her life, but also had to experience the human condition and go through a process of awakening.

Her role is to create a pathway for the ascension of the awakening consciousness for the planet. She believes we had a one in 7.8 billion chance that we could be able to accomplish this and we did! This has never occurred before in Creation. This is our 5th attempt in our history that we tried to bring this energy in.

All Higher Selves participated with her; thus Mother of Goddess believes she is just the physical vessel capable of accomplishing this part of the Mission.

History’s Depiction of the Mother Goddess

Earth Mother image from an alchemical textA mother goddess is a goddess who represents, or is a personification of nature, motherhood, fertility, creation, destruction or who embodies the bounty of the Earth. When equated with the Earth or the natural world, such goddesses are sometimes referred to as Mother Earth or as the Earth Mother.

Many different goddesses have represented motherhood in one way or another, and some have been associated with the birth of humanity as a whole, along with the universe and everything in it. Others have represented the fertility of the earth. – wikipedia.com