Mystery of Dreaming Playing Gamble

Gamble Dream

It is still a mystery whether the dream will be a good sign or a bad one? Especially if the dream involves luck in the field of gambling. Surely many people choose to believe it if that person’s dream means “good things” for that person. Let’s discuss thoroughly about the mystery of gambling dreams which means good or bad.

The dream meaning of gambling can be a good and bad sign.

You need to be careful because the dream meaning of gambling can be related to the possibility of a sly person.

Check out the complete interpretation of the dream meaning of playing gambling that you need to watch out for.

Playing gambling is usually avoided by many people because this game is a game that is categorized as haram.

Gambling in general is a game that can be said to be quite fun but what makes it quite dangerous is that this game involves betting money.

In the real world, you may realize this game is not good for you but in the dream world, you may play this game.


This is the meaning of the dream of playing real gambling

  1. Lose the rival

Because gambling games involve a bet, there are winners and losers, then the meaning of the first dream of playing gambling is that you may experience defeat in a competition.

This competition is general, whether you are competing with your rivals in building a business, competing in exams, or so on.

  1. You will be cheated or win the jackpot


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The dream of playing gambling can also mean that you will be cheated by colleagues, or it could be by the gambling agent that you are playing with. But it can also mean good, namely that you will soon win a big jackpot. Both of these dream meanings can occur depending on how you choose the online slot gambling site that you play.

  1. The breakup of a relationship

Still related to a defeat, the dream of playing gambling also means that you will experience a break-in love.

In this context, you may lose an argument with your partner to maintain your relationship.

  1. Get sustenance

The dream of gambling can also mean something good, one of which is getting abundant sustenance.

But this meaning only applies if you dream of playing gambling and winning it.

Especially when you win a lot of lotteries. But don’t be too happy because you can, the sustenance comes in an unlawful way.

Therefore, you also need to be careful.

  1. You have bad habits that need to be changed

Dreams are usually a separate warning for those who experience them.

One of the meanings behind dreams of playing gambling, especially when you try to gamble secretly and get caught, means that you will face a problem due to your bad habits.

With this dream, you have to change your bad habits so that this problem can be avoided.

  1. Will be cheated by sneaky people

Another meaning of dreams of playing gambling based on Javanese Primbon is that you will be deceived by cunning people.

Usually, in a dream, you will be invited by someone to play gambling.

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