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3 April 2017 App Feed E.P.I.C. Voyages Podcast

Close Encounters with Alien Crafts in Hong Kong?

Monday, April 3rd, 2017 at 9 pm EDT, EPIC Voyages Radio’s resident Medical Doctor, Dr. Joseph Burkes M.D. invites Director of the Exopolitics Institute Neil Gould, to recount his encounter with an alien craft that appeared in front of his family and friends in Hong Kong on the eve of the 12th September 2007.


Neil Gould | Close Encounters with Alien Crafts in Hong Kong?

Neil Gould is a multi-faceted individual who combines a variety of business practices with ET contact/disclosure advocacy. Previously judged as a man who lived in a world of fantasy by his peers and family, these views were dispelled when a craft of gigantic proportion appeared close up in front of him, his family and friends in Hong Kong but not before morphing from a bat winged shape into a circular donut shape which then became transparent.

Looking for answers Neil found some to his liking within the Exopolitics Institute, founded by Dr Michael Salla PhD in 2005. Neil graduated from the Institutes Certification Program with a Diploma in Exopolitics. In 2010 Dr Salla invited him to join the Exopolitics Institute’s Board of Directors. Neil’s activities include lecturing on exopolitics, co-hosting a Hong Kong Exopolitical Radio program, producing Exopolitical films on YouTube and developing alternative and cleaner energy technologies with his production facilities in China.

His is a landmark book, presenting for the first time the thesis that in some cases [not all cases] the symptoms of what is known as ADHD,(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) rather than being an affliction are in fact the result of an advanced form of consciousness that comes with childhood extra terrestrial contact.

Born in South Africa in 1954 he and his family immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1974 before finally residing in China and Hong Kong in 1995. As an ADHD challenged author wired into a multidimensional reality, Neil has endured contact experiences with off world beings.

Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind by Neil Gould

Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind by Neil Gould

Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind This is an extremely courageous book which touches on what is perhaps the most perplexing and important issue of our time – where we have come from as humankind, what we are doing to ourselves and our planet in so many different realms from the psychological to the ecological, and what impact our conduct may be having on other life forms in the universe.

Neil Gould has dared to say that the Emperor has no clothes on. He invites his readers to listen to their intuitive reasoning when addressing these profound issues and to consider seriously the previously unthinkable notions that we are not alone in the universe nor at the top of the food chain, to accept that alternative energies are indeed available in a planet polluting itself to death with toxic hydrocarbon based fuels and to come terms with the fact that a more spiritually aware and advanced world collaborating on vital national and international issues rather than fighting over them, will ultimately prove to be a vastly improved, healthier, more productive, optimistic and happier place in which to live.

It is a story of courage and creativity as well as trauma. Time and again he is abused, abandoned, and attacked. His boyhood terrain of South Africa is simultaneously mystical and brutal. As a result his brain, like a metronome, clicks between seeking creative stimulation amid a brain riddled with paralyzing trauma scars. Leap-scar-leap-scar. Trauma becomes a perfect recipe for his relentless cognitive obsession with risk, that is more often than not, rewarded with punishment, isolation, and a brick wall of cultural tradition.

His ADHD cry echoing, “What’s wrong with everyone” He prevails by reaching beyond his brain into the multiverse of consciousness. He likens it to a computer browser where new screens appear to relieve human imposed boundaries. A lifespan of extraterrestrial contact, including downloads, communications – amazon

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